How can evil be overcome if it is an eternal struggle between good and evil? Eternal implies infinite so how can there be a winner?

Good and Evil is a dichotomy, and two division into two structures opposing each other and not being able to overlap.This is in contrast between light and dark between which there is a twilight area. Evil is the absence of the good. Spinoza saw in the good everything that is useful to man. Evil, on the other hand, was the opposite, because man could not establish the good.

Good and evil is culturally determined.The attitude towards homosexuality was a different one in the sixties of the previous century than it is nowadays and is different from those of liberals. Through training and development, we have to understand other cultures. Training is a means of combating evil. Training helps prevent prejudices. By training you can become more confident, so you are less jealous. By developing yourself it is easier to understand other cultures, beliefs and opinions. So evil can be reduced.

Life takes place on the cutting edge of good and evil.We regularly face situations where we have to make a choice between good and evil. Those choices will never come and end, so the struggle between good and evil will be eternal.

The fact that evil must be overcome in a general way is a strange proposition.Much evil is not at all overcome, such as the physical evil of earthquakes, destructive Tsunami s or deadly diseases. The moral evil is also not to be overcome because this requires an understanding of our own intentions. This insight is lacking in every individual and is not at all comprehensible in relation to another person.

There are many hurdles that keep man away from good.Those who call themselves a good man, are already guilty of abuse of the good, and thus the evil is fallen.

Thus, the struggle between good and evil can only mean that because of the obvious evil it is extremely difficult if not impossible, to do the good to be able to achieve late.Modesty and sincerity is therefore an important virtue especially with regard to the evil that is present everywhere that challenges us; In this sense it also challenges the elimination of what is not possible.

The wording of the question suggests that questioner has a religious background.

Perhaps there are ecclesiastical communities for those who are clearly in 漏 脙 漏 A glance what the concepts of 鈧?虄鈩?and 鈧?虄malicious鈩?entail.But for me, it’s rather diffuse concepts: what for the 脙 漏 脙 漏 n 鈧?虄malicious鈩?is (or 鈧?虄goed ) does not have to be for another. Think of things like 鈧?虄sex for the wedding or homosexuality (HA, the Nashville statement): For the 脙 漏 脙 漏 n an evil, for me 鈧?虄usual behavior or a way of being, not better or worse than other behaviors.

And the question shows that they are also fighting forever, the notions good and evil.What a hassle. And that struggle is set in heads, in minds of individuals. That is, from my point of view, a form of masochism where I have no understanding at all. So about here I hook off. Mess it up in your own head, I would stop there instantaneously. The outcome is inexorable: If you fight yourself you are ultimately both the winner and the loser. Unless you have penetrated into eternity, of course-which is probably the only reason to fight, at least you are not the winner-loser. Then you are a warrior. To Eternity. My company does not get you, on your battlefield. I’m busy namely, with an ordinary human life. Well, and sometimes malicious.

What is important, for Zo n question, is what your definition is of good and evil.

A book has been written, which we have been playing with for thousands of years, but we are not yet completely out of it, I believe.

As soon as we are threatened, people will make new definitions again.That will keep us busy. And creates a beautiful development.

Only a few centuries ago, the war of and between States was an entirely normal thing, a continuation of politics with other means according to von Clausewitz.Also the First World War still, there many young men went in cheerfully and refreshed, to start performing heroic deeds.

That we all now find that war is something very bad , will we call that progress ?

Overcoming evil only happens in the form that you are pulling up evil with the good, but evil will always be evil, only its design changed.The only reason we are there is because that one was divided into 2. Yin dissociated himself from Yang and the universe was born, according to Japanese mythology. In a world where you have just overcome evil, you will be exemplary, even if you can have something hundreds of copies, yet understand how that is to nothing that is in your hands. Evil is all you who take the last chips out of the bowl while you know perfectly that someone else also likes to have chips. Had to be not taken and given everything was static and had a next something no chance to be. In a utopia where giving and taking is right you have no more movement and you probably sit with a cosmic seed that stands on jumping to create.

Good and evil are essentially arbitrary terms that maintain each other’s existence.Well exists because badly exists, and exists badly because good exists.

Most people have the biological predisposition to make and feel a distinction between good and bad, but the meaning of 鈧?虄goed and 鈧?虄poor is ultimately relative and is partly determined by a person’s culture, environment, context and the Time period etc in which we live.The biological predisposition, i.e. the ability to be able to feel ( 鈧?虄morally-Besef ), is in a sense objectively through, among other things, the cortex Orbitofrontalis, which is linked to the amygdala and has to do with the regulation of emotions. The expression of one’s moral awareness, which is expressed in norms and values used, is not to the same extent objective.

People have devised different types of ethical theories such as utilitarianism, duty ethics, virtue ethics, intuitive ethics etc.They are about how we should act and this demonstrates the diversity of attitudes to ethics. These multitude of beliefs include what makes it so difficult to determine what is good or bad.

How can evil be overcome if we do not come together what evil is exactly?

In addition, the meaning of evil seems to be relatively determined relative to one’s current definition of good.As soon as you start thinking in terms of 鈧?虄goed , you also start thinking in terms of 鈧?虄worst to place them so opposite each other, this leaves me doubting the possibility of destroying the concept 鈧?虄malicious .

But the eternal struggle can in my opinion be overcome by seeing that concepts such as 鈧?虄goed and 鈧?虄evil/Bad be contextually determined and essentially arbitrary and shaped by man, and at the same time the existence of our To acknowledge moral awareness with which we can create concepts of good and evil that are most useful to man and/or the planet.To see the illusion, but at the same time maintain and shape the illusion.

The evil is in the people themselves and cannot be removed.Some 6 billion people were never created by God, but by Eve, alias the Fallen Angel, alias the Devil, etc. Only when these people are all extinct is there only good in the world.

Man has not been kicked out of the garden by God, but by Eve who seized the power which also created the universe and everything in it.

In The garden there was never good and evil only goodness, no evil thoughts, no jealousy, no illnesses, you were not older, etc… Also, God in the garden is not a God, but just the 1st man.Which is more powerful than all other people together with his partner. There is also no religion in the garden. That is all conceived here on Earth by the fallen angel.

She wanted to do evil before she ate the (olives) tree. The tree in which all the info is stored and not a tree of good and evil.

But by eating from the tree, Eva could find out how she could do evil.

God has only been able to make sure that everything is more orderly.God has eradicated the dinos as she planned to put the people on the earth between the dinos.

Because only goodness existed in the garden, God and his partner were surprised and Eve could seize the power.

Eve is no one more or less than just the 1st man on Earth and not God put on Earth.No one is placed by God on Earth.

There are already some good answers but if there is no positive and negative there is also no life, the one cannot be without the other so there may not be an egg winner.However, the good can dominate and the evil limit.


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