How can autism stimulate language learning?

The country of the language is often a very big interest in people with autism if they actually start speaking.So you have people who love Japanese cartoons or literature; Those learn Japanese because that is the interest for them, or at that time.

So you also have people who are fond of France, so they learn the language, etc etc.

Only if you should appoint it specifically; People with autism often have strong/great interests in certain things.It’s how my brain knows a lot about watercolour, but another one knows a lot about woodworking.

As long as it is a big interest, there is a greater chance that they also have an interest in the language.I myself could have a few words of Japanese and now can still see the difference between Kanji and Cantonese. (Is useful if you want to know what kind of restaurant you are in.)

I am also fond of hitting Greek mythology, so I also have a tendency to learn Greek again.And so it goes on.

For the rest, some people also have just a language lump or extra interest in languages.(Or are they 4 year old who can already have 5 languages.)

* This is from personal experience.I am not a psychologist.

Well, maybe this can be best answered by an autist.Someone with Asperger, like me, for example…

First and foremost, the autism spectrum is huge and there are many variants.It is therefore more a collective name for mental developments that deviate from the norm. It is normal that people from childhood first develop social and start playing with others and then learn more the logic of things. But autists are in the social sphere different from the norm and seem to start with logical thinking earlier, which makes them go back socially.

This ensures that autists can become quite good in cases where logical thinking is important, as long as the logic is there. That means you will find a lot of light autistic people in the ICT that are rather busy with computers than with other people.(And so be really busy and don’t go Facebooken or so!)

Learning is therefore different for autists.It makes no sense to teach an autist all tables with conjugations of verbs. It is better to teach them the donkey-bridges. Something simple as “‘t kofschip” is for an autist to be understood.And explaining how a language fits together also wants to help. But you have to put the logic forward in a language.

With other children, you can easily stomp…

But learning languages remains tricky for people with autism.In addition to Dutch and English, I do not speak any other language, although I understand a few languages. What mainly helped was a lot of reading. Lots of reading! And I loved some English literature. (Pocket booklets can Conan, Tarzan and the Dragonlance series, for example.) Especially encourage reading in topics that are interesting.

And then also in the languages that are desired to learn…

It lies with the individual, whether it has a predisposition to language learning or not (so-called ‘ language knobble ‘).This can be someone’s (autistic) talent or somebody is just pretty good at it. I do not know how autism in itself can stimulate language learning, because there is individual variation in this as well as with others.

That depends on the person. The spectrum is very wide and no person with ASD is alike.

In fact, ASD is an excess of short dendrites that are not pruned in ‘normal‘ mode from the age of 3.The consequence is that the development of long dendrites between different parts in the brain sometimes develops worse, but that is not to say, that this is so in all cases.

So you can experience that an autist in some areas is very strongly developed and in other areas less strong.It depends on the person, but some people within the spectrum can mean that they are developing very strongly in terms of language. You could say some kind of savant in terms of languages, just as some people within the spectrum are extraordinarily musical. As long as there is a predisposition to the subject, there is also interest and some are also hugely focused and obsessed with a subject, you can see an extreme strong development within that domain.

From an old comrade of a family member it is not known whether he is in the spectrum, but it could be.This man is extremely gifted with languages, he has studied Russian, among other things, and his story is known to follow twelve different people who talk to each other in Russian and can follow the entire conversation and You can then write in Dutch. Then you are exceptionally gifted. No idea how he does it, I don’t do it at all.

Autism is a collective name for a whole range of thinking and behavior patterns that fall outside the frameworks we have labeled as ‘ normal ‘.The special thing about the thinking of some people with autism is that they can sometimes have a huge focus for something, and that are accompanied by a good to phenomenal memory for (especially) details. Their memory capacity is still incomplete on the main lines, but much and much better at the level of detail.

My 1-after youngest of 13 (autism in the form of MCDD and Gille de la Tourette) There was suspected to be educated bilingual in the primary school 5 years ago.However, that was not so. He has picked it up purely by looking at Gilms and movies in English. Already pretty soon he found subtitles more annoying than useful. No idea how that has gone in his head, but his English is without a good name.

I should look it up, but the percentage of the autists is very low.It is very rare.
One is the term, however, begin to apply to large number, with a lot of imagination with autism associated usually transient phases that mainly affect children.
The pharma industry is just as sales oriented as a bookstore.To sell more medication, they only have two means: to adjust the diagnoses of a disease and to stimulate doctors in more cases to prescribe medication (e.g. In the past, you had to swallow blood pressure-lowering as soon as you scored ‘ 14 ‘. Now it’s ‘ 12 ‘, which yields a hefty sale.)

That whole hype about autism is also rather the work of the marketing departments of pharma companies than of a sudden increase in autism or related conditions that the name does not even deserve.It’s just about getting more patients to swallow more medication.

It would be very interesting for you to spend a day between every autists.I have, with my addiction problem, got to know all the psychological illnesses and I can assure you that your vision on autism is seriously different from the reality of this very serious condition.
One conversation (or attempted communication) with a pure autist would make you immediately clear that the disease can in no way stimulate the teaching of languages.You would already have difficulty speaking with such a patient in his own language.

When I was in elementary school, there were at most 2 pupils who took medication (usually puffers at Astmatici).Now 40% of the class takes unnecessary vitamin preparations or few active psyche-pharmaceuticals.

Believe me: More than half of all medications can be replaced by a glass of water.Just read the advertising texts in medical journals (my dad was a doctor) and you come to the conclusion that an average antidepressant ‘ is deemed ‘ to have a positive effect in 0.5 to 1.0% of the cases.

Many people who are busy too much with their physical and psychological health, visit very quickly and doctor and often get to hear that you actually have something that requires a treatment.Doctors know perfectly what kind of story specific types (often over-delivered) patients WANT TO hear. They too have an interest in coming as often as possible.

I have been seriously ill several times, but have also studied marketing.There has been a period that I should have been treated with, but nonsense stories do not have to tell me.

One council?I know you are a worried type. Just try to read less about illnesses and abnormalities. Let it loose. Do not worry about overly vague symptoms that pass without treatment or pills or therapies as well.

I suffered a lot of pain.But, however unbearable it was, I have to say that I often have to work to remind me those terrible periods and me that intensity.
So, do not consciously look for it.Concentrate on other, nicer things than anything else you might come across. Not every pain or strange feeling has something to mean.



Ugh that really lies to the person to which the autism is and not what else.I myself was very good in languages as a child which is weird again because children with autism have difficulty speaking. I watched super many English cartoons as a kid with under title and played a lot of video games so yeah I had myself on me 9th already learned a lot of English. Thing with languages is kids picking it up very quickly. So I don’t know if it was autistic to me or just because kids pick up languages quickly. I was very fond of the Predators History Biology video games Books reading and people fooled. Everyone always said I knew a lot but was just curious. How do things work. Bored me quickly on me 13th I walked to rooting in me mom her MBO books on basic medical knowledge. Until that I found drugs and sex on me 14th. Lies to the person

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