How can anyone rise above mediocrity?

Do you know someone who has achieved greatness in life by using only a mediocre amount of his or her talent or potential?

Me neither.

All people who rise above mediocrity and are successful in their domain and attain greatness in their lives, set their highest potential.

Do you Also Want to reach your highest potential? That’s easier said than done.Because it’s about more than just doing your best and making your effort.

These are the 7 steps you can take to reach your highest potential and rise above mediocrity.

1.Determine your potential

Before you reach your highest potential, you need to know what it is. You need to know what you do best and what you love most.In most cases, that’s where your potential lies.

Therefore, it is important that you decide what you prefer to do before you do blindly efforts.

In my practice as a career coach I have already seen several lawyers, managers, accountants and others who had not chosen explicitly and with heart and soul for their profession, and eventually wondered why they did not feel good in their job.And therefore did not excelled.

Therefore, before making an important professional choice and delivering mass s efforts, first check if you have the potential to exercise that profession.

2.Take inspiration on the go

Once you have determined which area you have potential, the next step is to achieve a higher level in that domain.Be aware that you cannot capture everything, because the world around you is changing.

To go to the next level, inspiration is also needed.So find the necessary ideas and enthusiasm. This can be by finding role models, or by listening to your intuition.


Take small steps towards your potential

The journey to your higher potential consists of small steps, with your knowledge and expertise increasing at each step.

Most people overestimate what they can do in a month or a year.But they underestimate what they can achieve in five or ten years.

4.Accept Failures as learning experiences

Without disappointment you can not appreciate the victory.Failure is part of your learning curve. Therefore, it is important that you consider failure as an integral part of your journey to a higher potential. With every failure you discover another way you do things best.

5.Trust your ability to reach your highest potential

Perhaps confidence is the most important factor.Without confidence you can hardly reach a higher potential. You need to be confident that you are able to achieve a higher potential.

One important factor that can cause you to trust your skills is that you love what you do.If you are in Zo N mental state, then you feel confident of your potential. With time, confidence grows and you reach a higher potential.

6.Getting support is not a shame

Don’t feel too small to ask support and get a mentor.With a mentor you reach the way to your higher potential more easily and effectively.

7.Listen to your intuition

Intuition is a combination of instinct and experience.Therefore, listen to your intuition when you feel that you are stuck on your way.

By not pulling anything from what the performance Maarschappij expects from you.

Do what you need to do, and live your own life without you reflecting on that of other.

This way you rise above mediocrity.

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