How can a highly sensitive gifted be mishandling with high-functioning autism?

That can be when you are gifted and highly sensitive, but diagnofying individuals wrongly think that you also:

  • Can move badly in the state of mind, beliefs, desires of other people or in your own state of mind, beliefs, desires (something called “Theory of Mind” in English)
  • are not strong in an integrated picture form (something called ‘ Central coherence ‘)
  • are not strong in ‘ executive functions ‘ (e.g. planning, decision-making, or error correction of own behaviour)

If that plays alongside high sensitivity, then it can be argued that you are autistic.You then meet enough criteria.

No, high sensitivity does not mean that you are very sensitive.It says something about your senses, the fact that for example, everything you hear, what you see, what you touch, enters sensory and is not filtered properly by your brain. However, there are also autists that are low-sensitivity. There are also people who are highly sensitive, but not autistic. So the fact that someone does not work his or her filter well, does not mean that someone is autistic yet.

The fact that you are highly gifted indicates that you have a high IQ (more than 130 IQ).If you are also autistic, you are highly functional autistic. So it says something about your intelligence, not something about how you function in society.

The tricky is to determine whether you actually meet all these criteria.Executive functions, Central coherence, theory of mind, high sensitivity are all criteria that are difficult for a psychologist to indicate in a person.

Those diagnostic criteria are not as old yet and not every psychologist is equally experienced in diagnosing such a diagnosis.So yes a misdiagnosis can certainly happen.

Actually what is happening in autism is that an autist has many short dendrites in his or her brain and few long dendrites.It is a neurological abnormality that is genetically determined. The exact cause of this has not been properly investigated and most likely several genes play a role in the development of the disorder.

The disorder can in principle be determined from the third year of life.

Those criteria are a found way to try to fix it, because after research researchers discovered that all these criteria play in people in the autistic spectrum, but it remains vague and well then it goes wrong.

But trying to indicate nothing at all with language also means that you cannot make a diagnosis.It is about trying to put into words what is going on and if there is indeed something else working in the brain to try to help people as best as possible when they need it. Then it will happen that you are using difficult words and that does not have to be quatsch.

I am just a simple psychologist, too simple for your question.

What is the most highly sensitive?I hear it constantly. Is that the same as hypersensitive? If so, hypersensitive to what? For incentives? We already have an understanding for this: autistic.

And what is a high-functioning autist in Heaven’s name?An autist with a well paid job? If not, how does the autist work so high?

And what is actually gifted?Anyone with an IQ of 140? Even higher? Tells me nothing at all: Then I know gifted who can not tie their laces yet. But on the square millimeters are highly gifted.

So your question actually reads: How can an autistic slumerd be misdiagnosed as autistic profession?

My idea: Stop those Quatsch concepts.Go to Dutch. This is to throw up puffs, hiding behind veiled language.

There is nothing more difficult than psychic diagnoses… The tangle of symptoms can not always be placed in squares.Yet that is what people want? That they can say in response to these symptoms, which they are difficult to cope with, that they can give a window to the outside world? Which makes them better understood? But why actually? What is the fact that the individual with the symptoms finds a way to deal with it?

‘ Highly sensitive ‘ is e.g.By science characterized by being hypersensitive to eg. sound or itself e.g. ‘ Feeling overburdened ‘ if they Too many people around them. They can then suffer from e.g. Get headaches or other overstressed symptoms. In my work as a hypnotherapist I encounter people who do not want to be tempted to large groups of people under hypnosis. My experience then is that by their ‘ hypersensitivity ‘ they get too many energies of those people to process. They can literally feel what another feels like eg. Pain in the back, abdomen etc. Through science they get the label ‘ highly sensitive ‘, but in our field we call it ‘ clairfeeling ‘, but that is a big taboo in science. (Not detectable).

‘ Gifted ‘ is characterized in science with high IQ, while we call it ‘ clairlegitimized ‘.They often don’t even have to think about it. Information comes in by external energy.

‘ Autism ‘ is another story.Characteristics may vary. Most of the ‘ Autist ‘ is completely self-absorbed and almost does not react to external stimuli. Can also not easily cope with the outside world. They try to communicate telepathically with their loved ones from their ‘ safe inner world ‘. If this is not captured or understood, it makes them angry, sad and even more distant. This is also something that science can do with nothing. Especially by strangers, they let themselves not impose anything, to get themselves out of their safe inner selves. Loved ones (depending on the gradation) can only slowly penetrate into their ‘ demarcated world ‘ with a lot of love and time.

It is a pity for those people that there are few who can use their ‘ primemy instinct ‘.Telepathic communication used in earlier times. By developing and becoming more and more concerned with the outside world, we are increasingly wandering away from our own souls. Our own ‘ I ‘, which also makes it increasingly less ‘ communicated ‘ with our own soul. The people who still can or have gradually learned to listen to their inner self can often also catch the inner of the other…

The language of the ‘ Autist ‘.

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