A deck deck that is 16 feet x 48 feet is very nice to live on; this size is considered medium. Another example of a medium-sized deck is 16 feet by 60 feet. If the deck is 48 feet wide and 60 feet long you will have an even bigger deck (in other words, bigger decks have more rooms in them).

Also, how do you measure a deck?

The main thing to consider is a good measurement is how wide the boat is. If your measurement includes the gunnel and you want to do some extra width, you can probably have one more line. Remember to measure the outside and outside rail as well as the width between the inside posts.

How much should I charge to build a deck?

How much should You charge to build a deck? You should estimate the cost of an average deck at $10,000.00. This deck was on the larger side, as are many decks, but this cost is only an estimate. The average deck size is 22 ft.

How tall can a floating deck be?

The deck floor in most floating home structures is about 42 inches high from the top of the floor joists to the bottom. This means a 4’10” deck is the norm.

How many people can fit on a deck?

A typical small deck has a clearance height of 4.5 feet on either side of the railing; A typical large deck has a minimum clearance height of 4.1 feet on each side of the railing.

How wide should a deck walkway be?

At minimum, a walkway should be 12 inches of clear space on each side. You should allow at least an extra 3 feet for maintenance of any equipment to keep the walking area clear of dirt or obstructions, which may fall from the structure. For example, a 36-gallon propane tank measures about 42½″ wide x 23″.

What size are playing cards?

Playing cards have a standard size of 2.5″ by 3 1/2″ by 1 1/2″, making a box of 120 cards. The size is so important that a number of games specify exactly how many different cards the players need to draw to complete this game, and sometimes this number is printed on the cards themselves.

How many posts do I need for a 12×16 deck?

So, you have a 12 feet long space where you want to create that deck. A simple deck uses just seven posts (seven on each side of the space). Add seven more posts on both sides for full coverage. For a covered porch, you need 12 posts. Three more on the porch side and three more on the inside side, for a total of 14 on each side of the porch.

How long does the average deck last?

The average deck last 40 years. This is about 2.5 times the life of a 50-50 wood composite deck and 3.5 times the life of steel. Also, the installation of a wood, timber and wood deck will run about $3,400 while an installation cost of steel decking is just over $1,000.

How many cards are in a standard magic deck?


Can I use 2×6 for deck boards?

You can use any 2 x 6 you might have around the house, most builders use cedar 2 x 6s for decks because of their sturdiness. If you can’t find a good match, you can use another type of 2×6: 1×6, 2×4, 2×3.

What are hidden deck fasteners?

Countersunk fasteners are hidden screws that are often used instead of countersunk screws because they look like they could be countersunk screws, but they can be easily removed if needed.

How much room do you need for a patio table?


A deck is typically 10 feet wide and 12 feet long, but the space depends on the material and style of your table and the furniture you need to support it.

What is a good size for an outdoor patio?

If you want to create the ultimate patio on a balcony or patio, a patio that measures 5 to 7 feet by 10 feet would be ideal. The size of the patio area for the average homeowner is between 20 and 40 square feet; however, if you are in a large and spacious city, the size can be much bigger! This size patio can comfortably seat 4 to 6 guests.

How many footings do I need for a deck?

When cutting concrete footings, the area where the concrete is to be poured, you will also need to use 4 inch rebar. Rebar should be driven about 2 inches into the ground or as much as possible be embedded in the concrete to support the deck. Be sure to use rebar that is at least 6″ diameter and 3 1/2 – 4″ long.

How much would it cost to build a 10×20 deck?

Average Cost per Square Foot:?Average cost of decking is $7.88 per square foot.

Keeping this in consideration, how big is a 12×12 deck?

It is the standard size of a deck for a 2 bedroom home. A 12×12 deck spans 108 inches and allows two people to spread the weight easily.

How many posts do I need for a 8×10 deck?

You can attach several posts in the desired places before you attach the side rail. If you have more than one 8×10 shed, be sure to connect them with 2x4s or 4×4 posts. Some people have as many as 7 or 13 10-foot-long posts.

How long does it take to build a deck?

Typically, it requires four to six weeks to build the deck of your choice, with three to four weeks the norm. The time requirement is related to the amount and type of wood you choose for your deck.

Should deck boards be spaced?

1. The best practice is to planks between 8 feet apart, so that the distance between each plank is at least 4feet. As always, start with the outside of the house and work towards the center, then build the center as the outside build.

Similarly, is a 16×16 deck a good size?

This is good! The 16×16 deck size is very large and is great for larger decks or if you have a large yard in a rural area. The 8×8 is a popular choice for many beginners.