Papyrus stands a whopping 6 feet tall.

Just how tall is Underfell Papyrus?

Papyrus shares many physical similarities with its UnderTale counterpart. He is approximately 3″ taller, 6’1″ tall, with good posture and bleached white bones. He has a scar running from his right eye, sharp teeth and red eyes.

Do you also know who is the tallest character in UnderTale?

Frisk and Chara are 29 Pixel-sized, meaning they’re 58 inches tall, or 4′ 10″.

Of these, Sans or Papyrus predates them?

One of Toby Fox’s tweets strongly suggests that Sans is the older brother. Aniki is a Japanese term used for older brothers, so saying Papyrus would use it means Papyrus is the younger brother.

Why did Underfell sans afraid of Papyrus?

Sans is one of the main antagonists of Underfell AU. Sans works for his brother all the time. He is hated by everyone in Snowdin for being Papyrus’ brother, despite his time spends there anyway, at Grillby’s. He had to watch Papyrus kill innocent monsters almost every day.

Does Sans really have 1 HP?

Are we even sure that Sans has 1 H P has? Yes. All of the actual stats are included in the game’s code (which often differ from the stats given by the narrator; after all, if Asgore really had 80 attacks, we’d be dead automatically). The actual stat for Sans is 1-1-1-0-0.

Is Temmie a boy or a girl?

NO, it’s up to the users to decide, but for the purpose of this argument I will continue. For example, a TEMMIE with both male sides would be male and a TEMMIE with both female sides would be female.

What font does Sans speak?

Font Comic Sans

How tall is Sans the skeleton?

Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Height 2’0″ (61 cm)
Weight N/A

What about without a promise?

Toriel asked Sans for a big favor in regards to any human who might leave the ruins, she made him promise to “take care of them and protect her.” However, Sans will not hold Frisk‘s hand or guide her through the underground. His protection is more of a hands-free approach.

Why do Ink-Sans spit ink?

He will sometimes spit out black ink at random when he’s too excited

Ink has the s weird habit of checking every AU version of Sans‘ size because he’s slightly smaller than the Undertale Sans. Ink is very forgetful, often stopping mid-sentence or writing things on his scarf to remember them.

Is papyrus stronger than sans?

Papyrus seems to be from the am same place as Sans, so it’s very plausible that he’s just as powerful, if not more powerful than his brother. Papyrus is one of the friendliest and most innocent monsters in all of the underground. Brother of Sans who is also extremely powerful. Papyrus is stronger than you think.

How big is Mettaton ex?

Age ??
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Height 6’9

How old are Frisk and Sans?

So now we have the information that Frisk is between 5 and 16 years old. Let’s go further. Pretty much every character is taller than Frisk except for Sans, Alphys, and Asriel.

Is Ness Sans?

Sans is Ness” is an ironic reference to “Game Theory: UNDERTALE – Sans‘ SECRET Identity!”, a controversial episode of Internet personality MatPat’s Game Theory YouTube series about the supposed secret identity of Undertale video game character Sans.

Is Sans the final boss?Sans’ SECRET Identity!”

Sans is the final boss of the Genocide route. His fight is considered by players to be the most difficult in the game.

Does Sans have a crush on Frisk?

No. No. Sans is about 29, Frisk is about 4. I think it would be way beyond Sans’ likely good nature to have a crush on someone that much younger.

How big is Sans?

Sans and Chara are also 42-48 inches tall!

Is Gaster fatherless?

Gaster is not the father of Sans and Papyrus.

Shall I kill Papyrus?

All Attack Surviving e of Papyrus and eventually sparing him will end the fight. If the protagonist takes fatal damage, the player’s HP will be set to 1 and Papyrus will end the battle early. In the Genocide route, Papyrus immediately offers to spare the protagonist. However, a single hit will kill him.

What is the name of Underfell without a name?

In the game Underfell, Sans takes the name Nega Sans during combat and play.

What about without personality?

Personality. Laid back and easygoing, Sans often sleeps at work and takes breaks. His laziness is a mixture of fatalism and apathy. He wonders if his sluggishness comes from knowing that any progress he makes will be erased if the timeline is reset.