How and where did you meet your current girlfriend?

First, where:

Bahia de Kino, Sonora, Mexico.

Bahia what?

Is a small fisherman’s kaff in the middle of the Sonora desert.Inevitably, these questions follow:

Why did you go there?

Because there are the same desert plants as on Baja California.I originally wanted to go there, but there was no room for me and my rental VW on the ferry from Mazatlan to La Paz. The purpose of this six-week tour was to see, photograph and identify cacti and study their locations, along with general desert tours.


I had made the acquaintance of an Irishman there, who spent the winter there with his seaworthy sport fishing boat.It was may when we met, but he didn’t want to leave until he married a local. It was like a fixed idea of him – and he somehow managed to get me into it – despite my chronic shyness.

We had our accommodations in a bungalow complex, the only way to sleep in a room back then.On the weekend (he had always swarmed me, but still a few days to stay) two young women arrived, he had originally addressed them.

To my great surprise, they accepted the invitation for a boat trip.Imagine: We didn’t know each other at all and the two women had seen us line up a lot of empty beer bottles. Happy 1980s!

So it happened that I met my wife on that boat trip.Fishing, watching the sunset, explaining the constellation and an in-depth conversation, where it turned out that we were both fascinated by the same desert line. She had asked me where my journey would take me if I left here, and I had called her “Ojo del Diablo”, the eye of the devil. I only knew the place from a special card and wanted to impress her a little with my courageous tours – and then she had been there years ago! Her grandmother lived outside there at the time. She was able to describe the place exceptionally well, and I had learned that “ojo” in local use also means “spring pond”.

Anyway, Spanish!I could suddenly fluent in Spanish – and should never forget it.

My buddy and I had prepared our ducineen the freshly fished fish, and there was a wonderful gala dinner, for which the two women invited us for breakfast.But unfortunately not for the night!

Addresses were exchanged, and my new girlfriend had made a promise to me: I should send her a letter from Switzerland as soon as I was back.A “friendship at first sight” had actually developed, we had both felt very comfortable together.

In less than 12 months we were both married!By the way, they are still today. Next year is 30 years since we met. May 6, 1989!

Maybe someone noticed it:

What happened to my chronic shyness?

I have already omitted myself from this elsewhere!