Have your neighbors ever called the police and sent you off for something ridiculous?

Not on me, but on someone I was expecting.My ex-colleague of ICT-support would check my broken computer at home. It was a Moroccan man. It was a very cold winter day, so that man wore a black jacket with hood and black gloves.

He had called me that a few policemen came to him because they had doubts as to whether or not he really had to be with me.Or I wanted to confirm that I invited him.

The neighbours would have made a mention of a suspicious looking Moroccan.

It was not my immediate neighbors but people down the street.I am glad that I did not find out who because then I am afraid I am after a lot of quarrel with Msken. Bah, what a LAF NSB behavior.

I am a somewhat sloppy man and regularly lose things, even passports and house keys.Have always had.

I pulled out my five-year-old daughter and six-man son from school and discovered in front of the door that I had left my home key home.Because there was a break in my street, I always carefully shut down doors and windows for leaving.

If I don’t know any solution, I’ll see others.The neighbor advised me to skip the front of the door and even lent me a hammer. It turned out double-glazed and angry with impatience I hammered extra hard to get through it too.

Of course We got inside and after I cleaned the shards I called a glazier.While I was still on the phone, the doorbell went. Police. Or they could enter. Of course. They told someone to have seen a man with a green coat on the door window. Are you that man, they asked me. And are you the one who lives here? I obviously had to answer both questions yes.

But I was angry that neighborhood mates had sent the police to me.I haven’t lived there for so long so it could be best that they didn’t know me yet. But I felt cornered in my own home. I would prefer to have those agents thrown out.

So instead of just beaming it, I refused to be a bravery and began to invent intricate stories.I saw their growing astonishment, because my green coat just hung over that chair.

At that time my girlfriend came home and in a few counts she understood the plight in which I had brought myself.Come on, do not be so weird, she said to me and she briefly explained the situation to the agents. Verbally I am a buoys king so here too I could chat myself out to her version, that of reality, but with a burdened heart because I stood in my shirt.

A few years ago, I was playing FIFA with a friend of mine, what was going on quite emotionally.The swear words flew up and down. Not because we were angry at each other but more to the course of the game. Now that friend of mine lives in a 30s house so the walls are not too sound proof. 10 minutes after the last jar the police stood in front of a big brawl that would be going on in the house. When the cop heard it was a game of FIFA, he was able to laugh and he played another game. My boyfriend and I still often laugh at this occurrence.

(distant) Neighbours had a raid a few years ago because of something too many weed plants in the attic, the police came to pick up some plants there.

A few days later the police came to visit me because of a “tip” from other (less distant) neighbors, and because my bedroom windows were taped.

My windows were taped because most of the day the Sun is full, and I have a beamer there.

While growing my house, I had to get a lot of floor parts out of the floor because they were rotten.I had just had a fire pit before my birthday so was nice to stoke until the police came to the door to take Polish height what I was doing. The Flames shot up to 6 meters in the air in an environment where many wooden houses are located (Zaandam).. Whether I wanted to be so kind as to extinguish things… Later it turned out that not 1 but several people had indicated to me because of my Piro-manic feelings.. Then never lit the hive again.

Not direct my neighbors about me, but I do know a case where the police for something ridiculous was turned on.

One of my female colleagues was a Pakistani (let’s call her Suhaylah) who despite being almost 30 was horribly seated with her father under the slab, obviously still living at home, and virtually nothing himself could.Also at work she drove me to madness with her questions about incredibly basic things and we considered to dismiss her. You couldn’t even send her out for a message because then she just stayed away for 3 hours because she couldn’t find it. Once she was fifteen minutes before a red pedestrian light because she didn’t know that you could let it jump green by pressing the button. Her father was already busy finding a man for her (which she apparently had no voice in).

We had the annual Christmas/New Year dinner with the company.Suhaylah was also involved but was deemed to be at home for 12 hours and to record her phone was allowed to call paps. And Paps rang, every hour. It was cozy, crowded and noisy in the restaurant, and Suhaylah heard her phone that sat in her handbag, no more. When colleagues put her at home at 12 o’clock as promised, a furious and fearsome father waited for her: he had made terrible worries when she no longer took up and called the police. They were not amused and refused to come.

Well I must honestly say that I had the feeling that if Suhaylah were to walk alone on the street and a man would suggest her to step into the car, she would.So naive she was. But it was clear where she was and to expect that she would record the phone every hour. In any case, she was dust for a lot of conversations afterwards. Many colleagues wondered (apart from the question of how we could accept her because she really couldn’t do anything herself) whether she was only very protected, or perhaps had a slight mental retardation. Perhaps her parents were somewhat too closely related.

The police do not let themselves send for anything ridiculous.

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