Have you seen a pet grieving for another animal or a human? How did you notice that?

Here are my cats when I got them back after my divorce.

Fizz (orange) has never known a time without the white cat.

She was three when he came to us. She died at the age of 16… I buried her with a travel bag, all of which were her favorite things. I also place a small statue on her grave.

When I saw that, I had no doubts about his grief.

It almost broke my heart to see him doing it.

Fizz missed her for the rest of his life.He lived for another three years. A few months after her death, we took Molly out of the shelter. In my opinion, it is always better to have two cats than one alone. At first he wasn’t interested in them, but at some point they got used to each other.

On a Christmas a few years ago, Fizz went downhill pretty quickly.

The Christmas tree was a big deal for him and it was funny to see how excited he was when I put it up. Even after the holiday I left the tree so that it could still be a little happy. He couldn’t move properly anymore, so I built his own place at the tree, Molly stayed with him all the time. She probably already knew something was wrong.

Not too long after, I knew it was time.

He could barely get up. Picture of his last day.

My vet even made extra home visits and came to us.

I cried over my big orange cat and buried it next to the whites.

Poor Molly mourned Fizz and somehow seemed lost.A few months later we got Mojo from a rescue group and now we have a complete family of cats again.

Thank you for reading my story!

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