Have you had a managerial role in an association, foundation or organisation? What are your experiences? Do you have any tips?

HMM, many.The real work is usually done by the Treasurer and the Secretary. The president is there to monitor the direction of the organisation, also through the agenda setting, and to ensure careful decision-making and usually also to lead the meetings.

How much time and energy it all takes depends on the nature and size of the club and whether there is a crisis or transformation phase.

Read the statutes, ask if there is a job description and a driver liability insurance.Ask what inwork facilities are there and whether you can attend some board meetings before accepting a function. Ask what support is there for the board, whether it is an ANBI (general benefit institution) and whether you can read the last annual report, the policy note and annual accounts. Ask which topics will get the most attention in the coming time. Ask if there seem to be hiding in the closet.

Don’t get something, ask how it’s sitting.

Most important tip: it must be an organization that you find worthwhile, otherwise it eats energy.You have to be able to acquire new experiences and you have to be able to contribute to that club in some way, by talent, skills, expertise and/or experience. If there is no click with the other board members, you better not start.

All vocationally, Chairman Vd Geneesmiddelcie., intensive care Cie., member of several committees a.o. Nutriingscie., Protocollencie., for 5 years Member VH staff Board, the medical staff (in our case, an association) being the body that All medical specialists in the hospital represent, and besides the Board of Directors (formerly Management) in the chart VH hospital is located, with then still an advisory role, now often a steering role in the Seer house, furthermore 脙 漏 茫 漏 N VD founders and Later treasurer, still later just board member-when hospital bugettering did its entry in 1992-from the foundation free-established specialists 鈧?娄 (place name) that helped divide the available budget between the different departments.

As a member of the board, I learned a lot about how the organisation where I worked was funded, the changes that the government has interspersed over us, mostly on the basis of incomplete data, assumptions, very often on political Hobby Horses based BVB.Privatization of health care (VVD, D66), and how to deal with it. I also learned that only 10 to 20% felt involved with the big whole, if it went well you heard nothing, if problems over their part were complained extensively without taking initiatives to control themselves. Some boards 鈧?艙vroegen 鈧?frequent complainants to join the board.

The Board of our Foundation consists of chairman (that’s me) and a secretary/Treasurer.The latter lives in Amsterdam and regulates things for us in Europe. I am mostly in Indonesia where I have our affairs besavory. Here, together with some friends, I created a subsidiary Foundation for tax technical reasons. The money that comes in here goes directly to this daughter. There is no need to pay tax. Because of our activities, we also receive subsidies from the Indonesian government. I check here if the activities are done properly. I have a day job. My costs are paid for by the Dutch Foundation. This receives this money as a gift from myself. So I have no opinions. Very good advice is in the answer of Frans van Oostveen.

Once on behalf of 鈧?虄Men 1 seated in the board of a hockey club, it was particularly informal and long ago.I was 18 鈧?”19 years old, so few tips.

Yes, I have been a president for a year (appointed as such) of a foundation.After dissatisfaction with contributors, we have stepped up in the whole (apart from committee members) and since then the board has been elected by and from the contributor meetings. The foundation exists as far as I can not really go as such. We rented in my time for a symbolic amount a yard cellar in Utrecht. Always make sure that those who pay dues are behind you, otherwise you will not be able to function as their administration and better pass the baton to someone with more mandate. We have done so鈩?N 30 years ago-quite rigorously-too.

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