Have you ever written your own blog? If so, how was this experience and what was it about?

In 2005 (I was 16 years old) I had a reasonably successful blog through web-log.nl.A Dutch blog site that was quite large at the time. They do not exist anymore. According to me they are taken over by WordPress.

I wrote about the ups-and-downs of my adolescent life and promoted my website to my friends and classmates via MSN.Soon I had several followers and readers. There were also other bloggers who I didn’t know, but what I did communicate with through the comments.

I have the idea that it was relatively easy to read and find.It hardly took me trouble. Nowadays I sometimes write blogs for my work and there goes a lot more time in reaching out to readers (promotion, SEO…).

The ‘ success ‘ of my first blog didn’t bowed me much.Even when the local radio called me for an interview following my blog I was not impressed. I had written a destructive review about a concert of a band. They found it hilarious.

And then I went to study and I decided it was nice with my blog.It felt ‘ childish ‘. I retired and closed my blog.

A few years later I found out that the teenage bloggers of my generation became very big, got paid and became influencers.

I still think sometimes: what If…?

In November 1999 I started my diary on http://4xs.nl . Because I can’t secure it anymore, he’s behind a firewall and I’m transferring the content to my current diary.Although it is now more something per quarter what I place, already I write many other articles and blogs, for example on https://www.computable.nl/profil. … In addition, I still write on the bridge between software and the business .

Writing is a hobby, although I have never done my best to transcend mediocrity.Luckily I don’t have to earn my money with it though I have the daydream to start writing full time.

Writing has something magical, like a pianist who lets his fingers fly over the keys.Your actions are faster than you can argue yourself. It just goes.

I write purely for hobby.If I can give you one advice if you want to do more with it: writing pays off only if it supports another product or service. Practically no one deserves fun writing itself.


I wrote my own blog for four years a few years ago.Often this was about social issues such as climate change, politics, technology and current events. I also created a Facebook page for my blog. It was very difficult at the beginning. A promotional video for YouTube was also created to create awareness around the blog. After 2 years I had about 200 visitors per day because of the consistent and frequent posting of items. Unfortunately it was difficult to keep this for a long time and the number of visitors dropped quickly. The subjects differed also strongly from each other. It was more opinion pieces with depth. Many readers have been crocheting after 2 minutes of reading. It is not advisable to write articles longer than 500 words. Also make sure to focus on a particular subject and keep writing about it. This is how you attract a certain audience.

This I only learned afterwards after my mistakes.After 4 years the fun was out and I took my blog offline.

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