Have you ever won a prize? If so, what and what was the price?

I have won a number of prizes, many in my childhood as a BMX racer because I was good at it and went for the national championships.

2011: Young Artisanal entrepreneur talent

Later in my life in France I had set up my own company, extremely rare and free alternative: I was a synthetic dreader, making temporary hairstyles with synthetic hair (the type of hair used in Africa to Make hairextensions or hairstyles).

I learned a technique on the internet, and improved it as well as I could.Proud of my creations, I put it online, and soon I got my first requests for orders.

It grew so well, and I got such a reputation for my work, that after a year of working illegally from home, at least 12 hours a day, my shop opened.

What prompted me to open my shop: my mother.

She would almost never say anything positive about me, but once she saw pictures of my work, she said, wow, you’re really talented!

You should open a store.

And I did too.Within 2 months of her compliment, I had followed a government training to become an entrepreneur and I had written my business plan.

In the meantime, still working full time to earn as much money as possible for financing the project.

2 months later my shop was open, in the center of Toulouse, with a large illegal and alternative hair fashion Show on the street (a “happening”).

I was noticed by the Chamber of Commerce and was asked whether I wanted to participate in a competition for young artisan entrepreneurs.

I accepted, and had to give a presentation for a whole group of people of the highest government.

Just imagine: She’s in suit, I put in my pink dress, pink hair, tattoos and weighing about 150 pounds.

What surprised them most (and it surprised me too to be honest, I didn’t see it coming when I wrote my business plan): Many of my clients were former cancer patients who had chemo.

Their hair did not grow well back, in stains, or very thin.And they wanted to have a lot of hair again. The synthetic dreads are braided in the natural hair, and with elastics attached. You can wear them for 2 to 3 months, and then pull out and attract them again, they are reusable. And for these customers it meant a lot.

I had to contend with technical problems: one of my customers who was recently done with chemo had all the elastics that break/melt.I had to do everything again with a lot of thicker elastics, otherwise it did not stand. It was another surprising challenge. Also how to braiding the dreadlocks in 2 or 3 inches long hair.

Anyway, that was quite a bit.But my enthusiasm and my passion came through it, I even had some goodie bags for the jury made.

And I won the prize of Best artisan Entrepreneur of 2011.

It reminds me, maybe I should add it to my LinkedIn profile?

2018-YouTube Silver play button

Last year, together with my team, I won the YouTube Silver play button for my work on the YouTube channel VPRO Metropolis.

I’m a YouTube specialist, and I’ve worked a lot on this project: I was the only one at the VPRO who worked 100% on the international growth of the VPRO.

I liked this job very much and when we got the prize, I was so excited that my teammates forced me to present the price on the YouTube video:

It’s still one of my most proud moments ever.

I am totally mediocre and have never won anything.

Well, except that one time then, but then it was also immediately hit.

During my studies I was allowed to study in South Korea for half a year.I ended up at the university in a Korean language class with insanely motivated students.

A few hundred students spread across a number of classes.

I didn’t do my best, my figures weren’t high, but I did succeed for all my exams.

My absenteeism was not minor as it was still late…

End of school year.We were notified that we all were allowed to take a seat in a large auditorium. The teachers wished us a lot of success with the continuation of our study, our career, etc.

A number of prizes were then awarded, common in South Korea.In South Korea, prices are issued for:

  • The pupil with the highest average.

This involved a boy from my class.We really never saw him outside the classroom or outside his room. He studied day and night.

This boy was allowed to stand up.He was applaused for him.

  • The pupil with the lowest default.

This involved a dozen pupils.They too were allowed to stand up and for them was also warmly folded.

The last price was that for popularity.In a country where it has a social network often everything is decisive for your career opportunities, this price should not be underestimated.

  • The most popular pupil

I obviously didn’t consider myself a chance.After all, my absence was high, and in the eyes of the other students I was undoubtedly a lanterfanter.

My name was converted…

I was not allowed to stand alone.I was called forward and was allowed to take a seat on stage. I was folded for a long time, I was bent and I was allowed to receive a certificate.

On one of the days when I was absent in class, apparently all students voted for the most popular student.The majority of the few hundred students voted for me.

The certificate has proved valuable.I once applied for a position at a Korean mediation agency. My completed study Korean believed they did, but I was only really interesting for them when I showed this certificate.

Just not.I had a visit from Israel and they wanted to taste the nightlife of Amsterdam. So we are in a caf茅 ended up with drag queens and they had Eurovision Song contest night.

I participated in knowledge quiz about Eurovision Song Contest with accompanying karaoke competition.Finally, I was with a tourist UT Australia in the finals.

The presenter suddenly announced what the price was.A glow in the dark butt plug. And the presenter found that I sang better but my competitor had more need for such a thing. 😀 I relied on her people knowledge.

When I went to the toilet, I got lots of cuddly toys from other caf茅 visitors.They felt I sang much better and absolutely deserved the butt plug. :-))

Once but, in Group 2, with a drawing contest.From each group 1 winner was chosen, and I happened to be the lucky. I won a sign plate, nothing special

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