Have you ever tried something new and immediately thought: ‘ So that’s what my life has missed! ‘? What was it?

When I was a teenager, I found out that I have uneven hips.
So I went to a podiatrist for orthotics for years to solve the problem.
Three years ago I had a new podiatrist, since the old people I had appointments with had moved to another city.
I walked into his spreekkkamer, he immediately said “sit down”.
I sat down on a chair and before I could explain anything about my hips he immediately said: “Okay, here we have a problem.”

As he explained me later, I went in the wrong way.And it turns out that I’m not the only one.

You see, when you sit on a chair, it’s just a reflex.You just leave your backwork pockets and then adjust the rest of the body.
Well, that’s just the worst way to get a good sitting posture.

The advice he gave me may sound odd, but I invite you to do the same exercise:
Don’t try to put your butt down on a chair but rather… Your genitals.
Yes, you have heard well, the front of the pelvis should be the very first part of the body that touches the chair.

Do this and you will realize that your back then is much judge than if you just sit down by putting your back piece down.

Since I have heard this advice, I have only half as much back pain as before.

I wish I had heard this before.

Very clich茅, but it’s just my son.He literally divided my life into “before” and “after”.

I went for the first time internship.

I came in an environment where everyone was competent to do his own work properly and to handle the problems themselves or in consultation.They didn’t need me at all!

Moreover, if I were in need of it, I could make that known and it was ensured that I was provided with it.I was listened to and my ideas were taken seriously. My questions were answered and there was even extra explanation. My boundaries were respected, even those are common sence.

I cried tears with spouts.I didn’t understand what was happening, I had one panic after another.

It was the first environment where I could actually support and trust another, where I should not always ignore myself in favor of the other one, no need to be a pleaser.Only then did I notice what I have been lacking and how much I have neglected myself to stay connected to my caregivers.

* Pardon English, I read a lot of trauma healing in that language and I am too tired to come to the Dutch terms, however simple they are.

A job as a full-time software developer.

In my old post was officially ‘ functional management ‘ and support.In the background I was also developer and DBA.

Eventually the switch made it to full-time software developer.

No moment regret.

Yes and that was love.Actually I had found all previously love but it didn’t really feel like what I want but still I went ahead and it was with a maid and one day I was in an exposition and there I had someone ont and we Haden followed each other on Instagram and after a while it had I sent him a message so from: “Hey how is it going”? And when we Haden we talked off once and we were at the beginning friends but we all Haden feelings for each other but we did not say it to each other because we were afraid we were going to lose the other and no OIT See more and we were all in a relationship he was with a maid and I also the same and a month later he told me that his relationship is out and then I asked him why and then Zeid ie: “she says to me that I no longer care for her that she Last if the man feels like I’m last gayish. “A week ago I had made it with my girlfriend because I just can’t go on! And a week after that we had been wondering on that day said IE to me, “You know I have to tell you something but that you say to no one.” I said, “Tell me I say to no one what do you want to tell me?.” And then said, “ie I fall on boys.” And I said to him : “Oh me too.” And we were all doing as if we were amazed though that we knew it for a long time and then he told me he likes me and I had done that too! And from then on we had relationship! And that was it!

Have a friend who draws my ears and is right when I’m wrong:P

Acting.So working as voice-over: In a studio to work, behind the microphone is the nicest thing there is!

I tried it for fun -a short course of voice acting, but never thought it was so much fun to find and want to earn my money with it.

Many people think you’re “just doing a voice”, but there’s really more to it and that challenge is so much fun!It gives me huge amount of energy and fun. And if there’s still a lot to learn, I’ll do it pretty:)

I am working on developing myself, purchasing the necessary equipment and hoping to drag my first job in this year:)

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