Have you ever suffered from age discrimination? How did you tackle this?

Oh yeah, like so many.When looking for a new job. Age discrimination is the reason I am in Ireland and not in the Netherlands, although people who now have the age I had then call themselves young. If you can hardly find any job anymore just above the 35 because they find you too old, you can go to another country where it is not so in vogue as in the Netherlands, when there is not so much that you (legally or privately) bind to the Netherlands. That is one solution I have chosen.

Even here, especially with all the new hip companies you’re in, the age-discimination is what the clock beats: Those companies find that you’re only worth a bit if you’re between twenty and thirty and you don’t matter , all your knowledge of technological matters all of a sudden as snow has disappeared before the sun and your ideas are no longer relevant to spoiled and bored millennials whose parents have committed the mistake of going into discussion with them instead of punishing them when they get the mistake have gone into.Often it was because people with much less experience, much less papers etc got the job and I didn’t because they were “better suited”.

Most beautiful example I can give is at a hipster company that does in pedigrees.I will not mention the name, but they do it to family pedigrees. With good courage, I decided to write on it when they had a vacancy, after all-pedigrees: history; software = it. I am a historian and at that time had been in the it behind for almost 20 years. Couldn’t go wrong so. In my mind at least.

Well, I was in any case invited and after the conversation I had to participate in an idiot roleplay in a group of nasty millennials-the Australian hat that went on the recruiting thought this was a good way to gauge interaction.So I did nicely with it. When I had not heard anything back after a big week, I decided to start to inquire about my application. Didn’t hear anything back. Second email written. No response again. And well, I am at the third time that acorn who goes to write in that third email that he assumes that he has not gotten it, but if they do not have the decency to let me know in any case whether I have gotten the job or not and when not , then why not, I just assume that it has to do with my age.

Obviously there was a prompt reply to that last email.Because age discrimination is discrimination and discrimination must not, not even in a country like Ireland, where you as a worker have virtually no rights of significance. After some toothless gibberish that they “endeavored” to give everyone feedback (but was apparently forgotten with me here-with 6 applicants in total) it came out that they had chosen the people with the most experience and best background. And that it had nothing to do with my age, but that they wanted to keep my details in the event of future opportunities. Yeah right.

In the response I wrote to them, I suggested that it was very noteworthy that they had found someone who had already worked in it since his fifth, had a DRS in history and on the way all the required managers had gained experience in the kindergarten School OID.And no, they were not allowed to keep my details on file because I felt nothing to work for a company that didn’t even have the decency to send me a rejection email. Also, I didn’t wish to be a second choice-I have a wealth of experience, stability and knowledge to offer and honestly felt too good to serve as a second choice for a spoiled millennial who doesn’t show up from one day to the other because he’s job K UT finds. In addition, I had a reasonably good job at that time and I was not able to jump them.

A real solution to age discrimination is not there, as long as nobody takes the problem seriously-age discrimination is the only form of discrimination that can be committed without consequences.What you can do is, as I have done, go to another country, if that is within your abilities, or, when you feel it at your water that you are rejected to your age, to be a jerk and to write them back to a note. Is not an actual solution, but it feels nice to let them think that you are flirting with the thought of giving them because of age discrimination.

When the age limit for beer was still 16 years old, and I was 15, the pub holder initially didn’t want to give me a beer.Yet I managed to convince him in a very friendly way that he could also earn me.

At my GP.She thinks it is a waste of money to send men from above 50 to a specialist, even for routine examinations. I have not solved that, but will have to look for another GP.

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