Have you ever seen your holiday fall completely in the dark? What happened?

Welcome to Absurdistan!

My son was 8 months and we went to Morocco to show him to his grandfather and grandma.He suffered an awful lot of thorns and Sabrang on everything that was loose and stuck. He was tired and but he failed to fall asleep and I was exhausted by sleepless nights.

When we landed in Agadir, my ex’s uncle was waiting for us.I really wanted to go home, showering, changing clothes and going to bed, but he said he still had to wait for another family member who arrived three hours later.

I asked if we would not just go by taxi, but according to my ex, that was rude.So I just kept running circles with the crying baby hoping he would fall asleep.

Finally, the person arrived and found that we didn’t have to be in the car because of the car seat.So baby in the chair, chair with me on lap (may not but who cares in Morocco) and drive though.

Next day drove home from the in-parents.Mother in law inspected the baby and was shocked that he had no teeth yet. He SHOULD have teeth already. Yes usually though, but sometimes it takes longer and that is also normal.

She announced that if the baby has no teeth, she can be struck by the evil eye and therefore he should not go outside and should not be seen by anyone.The fact that he went to the creche and played outside daily did not seem to matter.

Mother in law showed me my room.It was a room totally without windows. Stikheet with 50 degrees, incredibly stuffy and dark. But the baby and I were safe there because we were otherwise bothered by the evil eye. Of Sauron apparently. Otherwise, I can’t post why it was so bad.

I did my best to convince my ex that it was not healthy.That it was too hot and there was no air inside. That I have lost my days of leave and my holiday money to something that literally appears to be a prison sentence. He continued to say that it is not his house, that his mother was the boss here and that she wanted the best for the baby.

I called a good friend of me in Casablanca.Or I could stay with her. Or her husband wanted to pick me up. My girlfriend said, “My husband wants you to pick you up with love and you’re welcome. But you have to realise that your marriage is over. Your husband is not going to pick up this public humiliation and never forgive you again. Do you want that for your son? If you know for sure, my husband will drive your way “.

And I had the guts not to say do but.I let myself talk through her and my ex who said it is only 3 weeks and then we are back to normal as always. He also talked to the husband of my girlfriend and he advised him to find a compromise. He supposedly did so. He let me and the baby step into the car under a big cloth and then step out of the car somewhere outside the city to get fresh nose. After that we drove back home. He did it 4 or 5 times, then he became angry and found me ungrateful. Because he has done so much even though he disappointed his mother.

After that we were no longer back to normal.Something snated in me because I already knew he wasn’t really there for me. That he was not playing with me in a team. And that was the beginning of the end.

P.S. on the last day of the holiday, no less than 4 teeth came through at the same time.

Jawel 鈧?娄 a “reconciliation holiday” with daughter and mother of the Daughters… (Tell us that this was in Argentina) she had turned the house off, wrecks my belongings… She was jealous of the psychopopathic, even though she had absolutely no reason ( According to her, I had direct carnal relations with girlfriends in Italy… When I asked her how I got it for each other, I was trapped in a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, she told me I knew that best myself.Now I’m a Star Trek fan but Teletransportation was in my opinion still Future Music anno 2009).

But well, that jealousy drove her literally and figuratively up and then I was allowed to open it.I talked only 5 minutes with a lady, then I was already planning to go to bed with her and from those things. So she put me at some point (we were on holiday in Bolivia) from the hostel room, after a smashing quarrel that the whole hostel has been told. Reason? There happened to be a Dutch knowledge of me on the terrace and when I (after more than a year) spoke a few words of Dutch, that was enough reason to accuse me of anything and everything.

Afterwards she was told that her cat had walked away from home and then the fence was completely off the dam.She threw (literally taking) the baby in my arms and herself on the ground in the middle of one of the main squares in La Paz and made a scene there… it was all the baby’s fault and the undersigned that her cat had walked away!

Yes, years ago with our children, 7, 5 and 3 years old, we were on our way to a random holiday cottage in the Muskokas north of Toronto.On the way the radiator went. That cost just as much as the cottage. We turned around and hoped back home.

Yes.When it was raining 2 times during my holiday, one time 8 days and one time 6 days. It was dry, the first Tuesday afternoon from 1 am to about 4 and then the week then also a short break can take a few hours.

A bit of rain is OK, but if you are in the hotel restaurant for 2 weeks, then you turn all the way through.

Yeah, that’s too weird to actually write down.It was as if we had ended up in the ramparts with our “family”.

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