Have you ever seen someone standing up against a bully? What happened?

I myself have just risen up against a ‘ bully ‘.

I just drove back home from the coffee shop where I had to stand at the door until 00:00h as a security guard.On the bike path where I drove I was overtaken by a scooter with 2 guys on it.

The cyclists put an end to me, a boy and a maid noticed that the scooter came to it.This started to beep loud, but the boy on the bike didn’t get aside soon enough. The 2 guys on the scooter were suddenly with three and were arguing with the boy and the maid on the bike. They were all around 20 years old. After a few minutes it seemed ready and drove the bike boy and-maid through again. I stood on a distance. Ten seconds later the scooter guys drove back hard. Apparently wanted to recover anyway.

One scooter boy, very temperamental and with a scary crochet nose wanted to mess with the bike boy.His girlfriend wanted to appease the mess, but was made for K * Nkerwhore who had to keep her k * Nkerbek. I went there and just said that the young could go home better.. Why I dared that I don’t know. Maybe because I was strontchaggerous and even more because I used to have a lot of such a crochet nose. I was expecting half that the three scooter guys would like to kick me in each other now, but no… They went away.. A little morrend.

I already recommended the bike boy and his girlfriend to go home soon.

Both sides steering apart I felt a bit of a superhero, a vigilante.While I’m not at all, I’m rather a bit cowardly.

I would like people to just not have reared up so soon.I’m touching on my rounds of…

Yes, myself, at school, was a year or 17. It was so tired that I couldn’t care more.I grabbed the vent, wrong his neck in my arm and pressed it into the floor. He could not put a side on it. Held him there for a while, with increasing compression force so that tie started the moaning and snotter bubbles came out of his nose.

Everything was a lot better afterward.Got unexpected respect from the others in the classroom. Remember it with satisfaction.

Yes.My son tried to keep a bully out of the one who was bullied on the schoolyard.

He was given punishment because he had to tell the remand not to do anything himself.

The remand was nowhere to be seen, but that did not matter.

I teach my children irresponsible things, namely that they have to come up for peste children, even if that means they have to hunt the bully out of the way (yes, I have already had to undergo some conversations at school because this cannot of course).

At school I was always a kind of Switzerland (in the positive sense than).I was much on myself and did not belong to one (friends) group but knew everyone and was also welcome everywhere. Will have seen it funny, one gothic between a sea tracksuits, or one gothic among all fluorescent kids. I drew nothing from it and that everyone thought I also liked the fun. I was not necessarily opposed, I was serious and kept me up to the rules and I actually expected that others did. Of the other children may not be so, but of teachers though (that should be the same?!). At first this was still depicted as an authority problem, but I always said ‘ I have no problem with authorities, but then you must have it. ‘

Anyway, there was a teacher, also our mentor, he didn’t have it on our class.This man quickly became angry and did ugly (emotionally) and thereby lost his authority quite quickly. No cosy atmosphere and he had little appetite in us. He also showed us well. Every Tuesday morning, the first hour, we had a test work hour. This started at 8:45. He performed more than once to enjoy the death of 8:50 walking. Then it went locally open, then all the tables apart. Handing out the test work. At 9:00 you could only start. With a hefty load of stress, because you had only half an hour to get everything off. Unacceptable in any form. Everyone suffered below, but no one dared what to say, because then he went out of his roof again and you still got punitive work in the sale. So there was no one pulling in.

At one point I was really the size full and I asked the class if I could say anything about it, on behalf of the class and the consequences if they were there, would be for me.That Tuesday morning he came back to the local in Geschuifeld, too late (another teacher had it open locally but fixed).
When everyone was sitting in his place and he wanted to start handing out the papers, I was standing and I said “Sir will be handing you out for the class.” He stopped and looked at me.’ On behalf of the class: Sir, you are a. ‘ The whole class fell silent. “Pardon?” he said. ‘ Yeah sure pardon, ‘ I said.
‘ Pardon that you come late every time.Pardon The fact that children do not have enough time for their work, while some of them have to do their best. Pardon that you have such a sucks life that you have to react to us. ‘
He was totally overwhelmed and he slowly became red.For me, it was a matter of waiting for him to call the words with which he would destroy the last piece of respect we had for him.
‘ Look like! ‘ he cried.”Do you know for sure?” I asked him to be dead calm, just to help him even more about the Zeik (that may be if you are adolescent;))
‘ If you send me out now, you will lose all your authority towards this class, in addition I must report on my note why I have been sent out.I will then write to you that I have spoken to you about your behaviour and that it is too late and that you have sent me out. I will return this note to the Dean.
A better option is to just let me sit down, share the papers, give us exactly three quarters and inform the teacher of the next hour.Then it seems to me that it is so resolved. ‘
He smeasured the papers on the table and cried out, “but he was out!” and stormed it locally.
We made our test and went after three quarters to our French class.
The mentor was just neat on time in the sequel.

There are many more actions like this.But always neat and polite.
I was just as hated as loved and I think that is still the same today.
I cannot see how other people are going to be the victim of someone else’s act, and I will say something about it.Because of my (mild) autism I feel no fear in that area and I can see very well (because of someone’s behavior pattern) where his or her boundary lies. Over time I have learned that I do not have to speak the ‘ truth ‘ everywhere, but I see everything. I really have to learn how to deal with it. Very confusing that people were saying the one, but the other did and then got angry when I appealed to them. Now I can do that very well and I know when I have to highlight something and when not.

Sometimes people say ‘ you are really seeing me for what I am. ‘
A big compliment, although sometimes it feels a bit like cheating, because I can’t do anything else.

I wish I had the courage to do it.Only once was my anger against my bully so fierce that I actually felt like I could kill her.

She came out of nowhere and started beating me.I just left the school and this was for the school. Everyone was there.

My father had just died a week ago and I had a hard day at school.I was constantly bullied (for years) and nobody was doing anything about it. Even me either.

That day the physical pain was so unexpected, so fierce, and I was so tired, that something in my head snam.

And suddenly a huge violence grew in me, and I saw myself killing her there on the spot.

Since I grew up in extreme physical violence, I had this kind of violence a bit in me.

But at the same time I also saw myself losing control and people who will think I was a monster, just like my own father.I saw the blame I would get and blame that I would feel.

All the while I thought about it, she still struck and insulted me, under the cheers of the other teenagers who were there.

And just after the blind rage that happened to me, a cold rest came.And I just kept her on arm length. I didn’t beat her, and I prevented her from hitting me. I kept full until she got tired or until her school bus finally arrived, I don’t know anymore.

I wish I had the courage to just fight back at some point, but I was too afraid that the violence in my life would be predominant, and I did not want that.

I have a high violent threshold, but once the size is full.This was the case after more than a year with comments being publicly humiliated by an ugly, small, thick little boy in high school. Just after the lesson he grifted me one more time. I sighed deeply and then pulled out terribly hard with my right fist, full on his face.

The next thing I saw was a pitiful crying little fellow, a kind of big baby, who was lying on the floor with his tooth through the lip and a bloody mouth.He did not have any damage to his teeth, but I think it was very startled.

In The sequel he was cautious with me. In other words: never bothered again.I hate to settle a conflict in this way, but he almost begged.

I myself have been much bullied, mainly in elementary school, and have risen more often to my pesters.
A memorable moment I would like to give as an example was when I was in Group 5 or 6.

We then sat with the table in a a U shape.I was sitting at the end, near the teacher’s desk. Between me and the agency was a passage where we could walk through when we had to be from the half circle.

The largest bully, M, had that day corv่Œ…e and had to walk through that passage regularly.Every time M came along, he tapped my stuff off the desk and he knocked me under the table with a broom against my legs.

After the umpteenth time I was completely tired of that.I stood up, slammed with flat hands on the table and said Ferm “Now it has been enough!”. M was a bit scared, so much so that he had to cry.
The teacher was then angry with me, he would have only accidentally bumped my stuff from the table when he walked by.

Unfortunately I could not count on my teachers in this elementary school to support or help me.There had been a conversation before, after it became known that I was being bullied after a classmate, with which I played more often, told her mother that she didn’t dare to invite me to her birthday for fear of being bullied too. The teachers then said that they couldn’t do anything for me if they didn’t know that something was going on, and that I had to tell them first if something was going on. However, every time I did, I was told, “they are playing”, “You shouldn’t be hiring” or even “you can’t click”.

Fortunately, this is not always so, and there are enough teachers who are committed to pupils!

However, I would like to say that despite the fact that I got negative reactions when I stood up for myself, I do not regret it.

When I was on vacation to Croatia summer ‘ 17 we were with a large group of people of my age; Destijd I was 22. I knew no one, but everyone went to each other. However, there was one boy, who had not yet come out of the closet, or was very metrosexual.Another boy sat him all the time to rods; The taunting boy tried to record this well, but you could see that he did not like this; I said nothing, hoping that he himself would say what.

One evening we went out, we all had some drunk.The bullying guest (generally called a social guy, but a lolbroek) started to work again, but this time with the brakes loosening. The boy began to leave jobs and began to go back to the tents. I was pretty angry at the bully because I used to be bullied myself. Asked him in an angry way where all this was good for it, and then we were all here for a nice time and this was not necessary. Then quickly to the other boy, he said nothing to attract. He managed to appreciate this, but decided to spend the night in his tent.

The Landry was very much of his aprepole.He had not expected to be put in place for the group; The rest of the week he left the boy with peace and ironically he got more respect for me.

Bullying is not fun, but people tend to laugh at it so the situation is less painful for everyone; Apart from the one person those of course.I recommend just saying some of them, bullies are fed with the laughter and they do not see their fault. I was very much bullied, there was no one who helped me, so I had to solve it myself; I do not wish anyone else.

Take action, don’t be a spectator.

One or two times a year I go out with the close-knit group I got to know there; One lady, one other guy and the those boy; When we see each other we still have a nice time!The Peste boy goes well and is hard at studying! ๐Ÿ˜€

I once at the elementary school a pesting bully poured a half bottle of “C่Œ…c่Œ…mel” (chocolate milk) over his blond head and “inverted sheep jacket”.

He began to whine that his beautiful, expensive cardigan was ruined, but received little pity.That was also the last time he used me as a punching ball.

It may seem weird to some on this site, but in 1969 it was normal in Belgian schools that you could buy chocolate milk, Pepsi, Fanta, waffles and chips there on the playground.

Water taps were nonexistent (there was nothing to earn).

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