Have you ever seen someone get his life devastated by a small mistake?

A small mistake was in the case of this man, his wife blindly confident.

I was called by a gentleman who had found a letter from us.
Execution.His house would be auctioned because the mortgage was not paid. The Grosse was requested and one of our appraisers would go by to draw up an appraisal report.

‘ Is this real? ‘ he asked me.I could hear his voice that he was completely in shock. I asked him if he had not received previous letters.
“No,” he told me, “the neighbors have had leaks and I thought this morning I’m going to check in our crawl space or there might be some damage here too.” Then I found hundreds of letters.All cassoagencies and bailiffs. ‘
I also didn’t know what to say.
‘ My wife is doing the administration.At least that I believed until today. ‘

In the end we did have a settlement and could continue to live that gentleman in his house.Luckily he pulled directly to the bell.

For me this was a lesson!Several even!

Don’t see it, but I know.

During great maintenance at the turret of an armoured crawler vehicle, my old colleague and good friend at defense forgot to check if there was any tension.He was experienced and had performed the act dozens of times. He died.

I also knew a girl who was tense because a tractor with a team drove her over while she was cycling.She touched with her front wheel of the asphalt, fell and became paralyzed at her arm.

As for the people with business financial dramas; Often this is an accumulation of the same minor mistakes.It is good to signal what your small weaknesses are and help them. For example, make plans and structure in your administration.

A colleague of mine has pressed a bar in the middle of the heavy press that has ended up on his leg.His leg was as good as it was completely off, but they have been able to put it at the hospital.

He then had to lie in bed for 2 years to have his leg restored.At this time he has lost all his friends and has become addicted to food. He weighs now I think around 150 pounds and then his hip is also completely worn out. About a year ago he got a new hip but still can’t run normally.

I am afraid that the poor man can never work again, and that the rest of his life becomes a great agony.And all because he made a small mistake with the heavy press at work.

Fortunately, I am only indirectly involved in a few life settlement securitisations.You can see this as a kind of investment funds that invested in (American) life insurance policies. The transactions I encountered were super poorly structured and woe to the bones of the unfortunate ones that were too heavily involved:

  • Investors lost their money, sometimes all their savings or pensions.
  • When it threatened to walk further, scapegoats were designated and blamed.

Then see but still get a job in the financial sector, especially in a village like Luxembourg.

  • Headpieces behind the transaction were fines of hundreds of thousands of pounds imposed by the UK consumer Authority, as well as a professional ban (they were in England and most investors were British).
  • The only ones that became wealthy were the lawyers, but even those eventually withdrew themselves as rats flee a sinking ship.The transactions left a trail of devastation.

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