Have you ever saved an animal and kept it as your pet? How did that succeed and would you do it again?

Saved I find very heroic sounding.It is true that on the dogs we had when I was still living at home, and also the two dogs I have now have come more by chance or at least reasonably unexpectedly with us/me. The first dog has my parents still as usual “select”. When she died, my mother cried very hard that she never wanted to be a dog because it was so terrible when she was dying. Until a good Saturday the phone rang. It was a brother-in-law of my father who asked if we could possibly catch a dog. His parents lived in a small village and their garden bordered on a field. There, and all the time, there was a dog around who clearly had no owner and he became more and more skinnier. They had been trying to lure him with food and after a few weeks he had finally caught his day. They could not keep him himself so hence the question. Two hours later we had a dog anyway. The beginning was difficult. He was terribly scared, hid under the closet in the living room and bite everyone and everything that ventured into his neighborhood to come. He took weeks before we had gained his trust and slowly went on to trust us ever more. It eventually became a super sweet dog who was afraid very quickly. A little hard voice and he crawches of fear over the ground. If he had to be in the car for longer rides like vacation, we had to by default pass the vet for sleeping pills because he was so scared in the car that the ride was a hell for him. For us, however, it was a super sweet dog. Unfortunately, he died of cancer for about 10 years.

We were very sad and a new dog was not yet something that our head was looking for.Even now, however, the individual rang again on a good day. A cousin worked as a side job on a farm. There they had a litter of puppies. With one there was something going on. As a 5-week-old puppy, it was so false that he was biting his own brothers and sisters to Blooons. The farmer had decided to drown the puppy because he could not stay at the other. The hope was that we wanted to try it after the experience with the previous dog. That evening we had a dog anyway. In short, it seemed like the dog really literally was crazy in his head. So he was nice playing with you and from the one on another second his eyes were black and he changed into a kind of Cujo in mini format. This was not so bad when he was small but when he attacked my aunt on a six-month life and opened her whole leg because she had a carnival suit, the size was full. We went to the vet to let him sleep because he was really too aggressive. The veterinarian had the request to try to get him under control N. A. V A course he had shortly before. We had to lift him with the front legs of the ground every time he was aggressive. If he really bite in aggression we had to bite him back in his neck (of course not by biting). Afterwards it sounds downright disturbed but there was nothing more to lose and we did it all. Luckily not for nothing. We were several and we could do everything with him after a while. Overall, he was also okay to other people. Well we had to put him BJJ special situations such as set up or tidy up tent on holiday, birthdays etc separately. Then we could only come to him because he was too unpredictable and still bite. Luckily not so hard anymore and we never bite us again. He had fortunately become a super dog for us and we loved him. He has been in our lives for 17 years. For my parents, he was the last dog because at that time they were also at Keeftime.

My oldest dog has also come by accident.I went with my then partner in the evening to take care of the cats of a friend who was on holiday. On arrival her parents turned out to be there with a puppy. It was a super cute doggy. After a while they asked if we didn’t want to have a dog. There was N.L. still 1 puppy left but the people who had him wanted to use them as a fokreu with his own mother to earn extra money. It is n. L A beautiful peasant fox-like terrier. However, they were already very old. The woman was very bad and the man was already around 80 years old. Their children tried to convince them to sell him anyway. Maybe if there was really a buyer they would agree anyway. We went tack and a little later the parents of that girlfriend called to the owners of the dog. After a time of talking, those people were still in accord. The day after 10 o’clock in the morning we had a dog. The beast was under the sign (certainly 30 on his little puppy), had no bite of food yet and no vaccination. Now we are 12 years ahead. The friend is no longer there and the dog has gone along with him. After a year the dog returned again because the responsibility was too great. He is still crying around like a young foal so I hope to have him with me for a long time because a better dog does not exist.

When the relationship went wrong and my ex stated that I could have child and he took the dog, the sister of our dog was shown unplanned puppies.They were with his celebrate. One stayed with the parents of that girlfriend, two went to her sister and for one they didn’t have a new address yet. The choice was therefore made quickly. This time it took two weeks before the dog came. Despite that I thought to know which dog I was getting this was totally not the case. She is N.L. a copy of her father, an Icelandic dog, both in terms of its character. She has now also been 10 years since yesterday. Luckily she is still very healthy and very sweet.

Final conclusion is therefore that with a good dose of animal love, patience and also from the basis a natural prevalence of dogs you come very far.I would also really like to say that despite the fact that most people figure out their dog on race or external characteristics, it doesn’t matter what the beast looks like for your band with a dog. Even though all the dogs happened to be on my path and I had no idea what the animal looked like or what breed it was, they are all super cute dogs that are very popular. The relationship between dog and man does not depend on the type of dog but on the things you share together. I hope people will dwell here once when they consider buying a breed dog with often many congenital conditions because they look so nice.

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