Have you ever sat in a love-loving relationship? What were your reasons for continuing to hold the relationship?

Yes, twice.

  1. Guilt.

He has done a lot for me and served. Without him I never became what I am now. I was 19 when we got to know each other and 27 when we went apart. He was 13 years older and I’ve done things that only insurgent teenagers do. As if my puberty started 10 years later than usual, since I’ve always been a very well-smooth girl. Actually I still regret that I have made it, because now 15 years after our break I realize that he was the only one who sincerely cared about me and was always there for me.

  • This piece I wrote 2 years ago, it describes exactly why.
  • Xpress Platform 13 I still love the woman with whom I, long ago, got married.But that woman is no longer there. After the birth of our youngest child, it was, as far as it is concerned, done with love. She had what she wanted: a family, children, and I was at its highest still good for the money and to be used as a work donkey. For the rest, I was just a block to the leg. I didn’t understand anything about it and I didn’t really let the truth penetrate me either. I just didn’t believe that the lovely woman I had fallen in love with was so altered in someone who was the contrary to everything I had found so nicely. I tried to talk to her about it, but she turned me off, refused to talk and became more and more loving. Eventually I got into a depression causing me to lose my job. Then, as far as it was concerned, there was a need to have a relationship with me at all: I did not bring the money in. The children were now grown up and out of the house. My wife found another and walked out of the house, refused any further contact and sent me the bailiff on my roof with a petition for divorce.

    Why have I stayed in for all those sweet years?I just didn’t believe it. I could not imagine that she was indeed the person she had become. I thought it was me, whether it was something temporary, or that it was struggling with all sorts of own stress-related problems. Only after a long struggle did I admit to myself that I just fundamentally mistaken in her. She’s not the person I thought she was and she’s never been. She has always been in our relationship to what she could take for herself and not to make something beautiful together.

    My parents, especially my father, have recognised that from the beginning.My mother told me that when my father had died for some years before. “But,” she said, “We also knew that it would not make sense to say that to you. You were so in love. “

    I find this a difficult question.Indeed, I have been in a relationship where the love for a relationship was. Mean that there was no more attraction between us. Then there is love but in the relationship itself feels that loveless because the sex hugging the compliments kisses are absent. Not because the other one hurts you and you can no longer bring it to good but simply because you have been aversion to it without any obvious reason. Did I love him? A lot! But I think that also people who do not go through rut or guilt do not necessarily give each other. Sometimes love is not enough or that love gives you more pain than pleasure. In the first case, it will certainly feel as unloving because your love is not answered. But good. I and my then friend have been holding it for more than a year. He out of loyalty and I out of guilt because he taught me so much and gave me so much confidence that I had lost in myself and in others. But he was at one point more my brother. No longer had to think about having sex with him or kissing him, and he gave little to it and didn’t expect me to. Partner feelings/Love from both sides was absent. Have med Kere tried to get this clear but as I said he was loyal and in his booklet you remained as partners together despite blows felt ect. After more than a year I have only penetrated him. He was terribly sad after the break but told him that if he would look back objectively after our last 2 years together he should see that we were not more than brother and sister with a very strong bond and that it would be a probe if we would throw that away.. It took him 2 weeks, then he called me with the announcement “You are right, you absolutely do not want to lose out of MN life. Relationship was dead. But Bliif forever your buddy. ” This is now 15 years ago. Meanwhile, for 13 years I have been a sweet new friend and 2 kids and he is also married and also has 2 children but we still see each other as brother and sister. He is MN best buddy. Something that had never been possible if there had been any attraction between us. We have never experienced jealousy since we are apart. He has even been with me and my current friend on holiday. So in the relationship? That felt unloving and dead blood because all the feelings that made your husband and wife were absent and that felt incredibly empty. Lieve was there but definitely not in the right form.

    Painful question…

    Yes so… 2 times, as far as I WANT to remember it

    1. The most recent relationship.

    .. Feelings of guilt, what should she do without me? She doesn’t work, she’s done a lot for me but can’t find a job (read, can’t keep track) and how to get the rent and the food paid etc…

  • My daughter (the other time).
  • My baby daughter, meanwhile, already 10 and a fantasic girl, the mother beat me (even m脙 漏 t the baby), made me out for the dirt of the street, humiliated me every day… it was only when she was my deceased sister for the ugliest thing there was (I save you the detail s) that I decided that it was not a healthy situation for the child and I am gone… the hardest thing I ever have to do. My daughter was, and is, my anything… her mother was jealous on the psychopopathic (I had, according to her sex with ladies in Italy, from Argentinia, while I was trapped at home. Every time I dared to go out of the house I was accused of adultery etc… So of “love” for my partner was no longer a question, the only, or rather the only one who did sustain me was my daughter. I save you the details of how it further lie 鈧?娄 people keep getting less and a lifetime together and so they leave each other at any given time.Of course you do not do that, first try to patch things up, but somewhere you already know that it is a cannonless affair. Then you enter a phase of chilly kindness until you finally go apart. I have experienced the process several times.

    You are not going to sit in your cold clothes and there comes a moment when you realize that a real relationship might be too drastic to begin with.Nowadays I find life much finer alone. There is always someone on the edge of my life, but in the middle of it is too complicated. The idea that ultimately all is finite, makes me take the fairy tale in advance with a grain of salt.

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