Have you ever rejected a job? Why?

Yeah though.I am harassed by recruiters with a high regularity. Get the question: “Just want to move to Barcelona for half a salary.” Nope! Or that I want to accept a medior programming job for less salary and without a fixed contract, not even seen me. I am overwhelmed with it and almost completely consistently it’s all bad deals.

I am very much in my sense and a competitive offer must be very good I want to go for it.

Yes, two weeks ago still.Was A company I had been working on once and I would like to have it back. I asked what they offered me in terms of money and I told them that my baseline was definitely 5000 higher at least. To my question whether they wanted to push that line upwards, they said no. So I rejected it. Not that I’m greedy, but I just need a certain amount per month to be able to live reasonably and save something for later as well. Not to live from month to month of pay slip to wage strookje. In addition, I put 20 + years of experience on the breadboard-I think it is best to pay for it.

Yes I could go to work as a nanny in London, I would then be in a loft. Living and 4 days a week to fit the children.The salary would be about 鈧?000 net. Per month, while many. Nannys in London that don’t even get it for 6 days 12 hours working!!

But I. was also offered an office job, and thought that might be better for the future, since at a certain age it is no longer so much fun to fit on. Children, e.g. Due to back problems, worn knees, etc.

But I think it came even more by the following; During the cherry holiday I was getting spanned, I had a stone in my stomach, terrible neck and shoulder pain and I even got a migraine! (For the first time in J谩ren!) So I thought I might have been tense because it wasn’t the right step for me.

But maybe it was pure fear of the unknown?And did I just have to continue, come out of my comfort zone? I will never know, we make certain choices and do not know what had happened if we had made another choice.

Yes, after a second conversation where I was burnt down to the ground by the director of the company concerned.Later, I was told by the recruiter that this is a common technique for him to see if the candidate can handle stress.

That I can do fine, but from this behavior I was not served.Also didn’t really like the link between stress and burn-off. Altogether no need to cooperate after this interview still with relevant person.

No, but it was cancelled very quickly after I started.It looked good, a bit outside my speciality, but therefore quite interesting and the payment was good. I knew the owner who asked me though and was actually quite a bit flattered.

In previous years I had a tendency to learn difficult situations in the expectation that the time would be better.Usually it became more difficult.

It did not matter between me and the owner, at least not according to me idea.From my experience, to save a lot of grief, I resigned after two weeks. Was a relief. Am still happy with that decision.

This happens more often, even nowadays.Often because the actual content and working conditions are strongly unfavorable to the text in the vacancy. For example, a tour leader is asked but you show a host on location that is going nowhere to come and only the tenants of caravans have to walk behind. Or a good merit is promised but it is only an expense allowance. Or a text writer is asked in the vacancy but if they invite you to a conversation and you come to talk, it turns out that it is actually a job as a project leader. Happened to me. Whether it is shared with part-time but I practice you have to be full time available or be able to call. So there are many more examples.

Yes, it was about praying for the classroom.My reaction (quote from Bartje) (Anne de Vries) “I do not pray veur brune beans” did not have the hoped-for appreciation.

My 1st job as accountant in Brussels.The person I had to replace had already told me that I could bring a book to read to catch the Dead Moments (1999). When the bailiffs started to get over the floor I knew how late it was.

-However, I didn’t have much to do

-The boss then wanted to not give his login password so I had meaning to work, then I knew how to bypass that (was easy with the earlier versions of Windows) and I had no desire to work, then I waited until he came to the office and said “I can not log in”

-Ever half a day 3 pc platted because I wanted to defrag the hard drives (just didn’t think it was going to take half a day)

-The boss had not bought a part of the accounting package because of too expensive and asked me “” in your resume state that GE can program, you can not write that quickly “

The following days I caught up with him that he was on my fingers to look and ask questions, his wife also came to the office.Eventually, the monkey came out of the sleeve when asked, “Can you tell my wife that also not quickly that book keeping” (my answer was a dry “no”).

-We were still getting sour milk for the coffee

Yes, 2x. Although I always carefully select a function that I want to apply for, it does sometimes happen that the trajectory will be slightly created/visible so that I can be hooked.

The first time was in 1984.I lived and worked in Switzerland and after the finish of my residency visa I wanted to go to the USA. A mediator took care of work that I also wanted to accept. Employment contract I already had inside. But in the agreement of the mediator there was a rule that I had to pay a certain percentage, I believe 5%, of my salary to the mediator. In itself for the duration of the planned work (one and a half years) I found that no problem. However, something was going to gnaw and that was that I was not entirely clear whether this percentage would only apply to this function or that you could also read it as being for the duration that I would stay in the USA. And that would be quite the rest of my life. At that time there was no e-mail available, so everything had to be by phone, cost a small capital, or through the post. Since I did not return a clear answer before my deadline, I then blown off the whole process.

I have suffered from this decision for many years, because working abroad had always been a wish of me, and after that it has never really come from private circumstances.I have only been able to leave it to the final 28 years after I spoke to someone who also wanted to go to the USA at the last minute and was told that he would not get the required work permit. Since I was going to do similar work I assumed that I would not have received the required last permit either. Is an assumption, but it did help me to get peace with it.

The second time was in 1996.At a solliciation I was the last candidate who was over, but it was not entirely clear whether it was at MBO or HBO level. I had not asked for it, because the content seemed to me like work. When I reported for the tests at the external desk I asked at what level the tests were. That would be MBO level. I then told the psychologist that that was not a good plan and that testing at a minimum level of HBO would be better due to the usability of the result. He did not, and so everything was tested on MBO. I was finished in no time and as I predicted the beat of the results not much. A number of results shot up to maximum. When the psychologist tried to explain that (he found me all-over suited for the job) by making an outline of my character and personality, I said I didn’t recognise it. You understand, we did not agree. I said that I wanted to do the tests today, but then it had to be at the right level. He did not think so. I called up the intended new employer and explained to him the situation and asked him specifically at what level he estimated that the function should be. When he said that this was MBO I said that I was sorry that this was not clear before and that I withdrew from the application process. And I have never regretted that. Whether I had been able to practice the function well or not, was of course not answered with this, but I did know that in no time I would be bored with the thinking level. Whether my supervisor was going to work on the nerves.

Moreover, salary has never been a reason for rejection.I got what I asked and I asked what I found it was worth and what I needed. More importantly, I always found out if I could develop in a job. And whether there would be sufficient content to add to it.

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