Have you ever met a celebrity, without you knowing it was a celebrity?

6 years ago my wife and I drove near Noordwijkerhout along a tulip field in full bloom.The view was beautiful.

We stopped the car along the road and walked to the field to see the tulips up close.There was no one to confess.

At least, hardly anyone.There were two bikes on the ground next to the Tulip field. In the distance between the tulips a grown man walked along with a girl, a teenager. They had the greatest fun together making pictures between the tulips.

At one point he becked us and came to our side.

He kindly appealed to me, explaining that he was for a short visit in the Netherlands with his daughter and asked us if we wanted to take a picture of him and his daughter with his camera.

His voice, beautiful British accent, sounded very familiar, but there was absolutely no light burning.

My wife, sharper than me, immediately saw who was facing us and made all sorts of gestures to make me clear.It was in vain. I politely took pictures of the two and gave the camera back after which the couple walked back to their bikes.

It was Jude Law, with his daughter, visiting the Netherlands.

I was amazed by his courtesy and the tranquility he and his daughter radiated.

A movie star asking ME to take a picture of HIM, this had not happened to me before.


It was around the Christmas of 2002. My then manager Mona had invited some staff to come and eat at her home. Two years before, she had been given a son, Luke. I knew her with the surname of her years earlier deceased husband John.

Upon arrival at her New York apartment a nice man greeted us and told his name was Dave.Our son entertained himself with Luke and we had drinks and good food. Later in the evening, Dave gave a small tour of the house, where a fully equipped sound studio was also discussed. Full of musical instruments, digital mixers and recording equipment. Only then fell to me the penny…

This was Dave Buckler, the lead singer of Survivor, known for “The Eye of the Tiger”.My manager had a relationship with Dave and was later married to him. Dave had no burden of greattheidmadness, was modest and behaved just like us.

The company my ex-husband worked for years ago had a skybox at the PSV Stadium.In addition to business partners and customers, acquaintances often also walked around. Since I had nothing to do with football, every fame was unknown to me. One day I was, during an Interland competition (NL-Turkey) next to a man who did not, like the rest, wore a 3-piece suit with tie, but a trainingpack. We got to talk and I told him: 鈧?艗you are very fanatical, that you are in your tracksuit komt 鈧?to which he said: 鈧?艗i football himself also a bit 鈧?I: 鈧?艙Hahaha Please pay attention, from the pros you can get some learning 鈧?he looked at me and did not know if he had Laugh or cry. At that time came my ex and cried: 鈧?艙hey, I see that you have already learned Jimmy kennen 鈧? Also that told me Nixs. A few weeks later my husband called me from England. He had been with some people to a football match (Chelsea-still some). My husband said: 鈧?艙i sit next to an old known of you and he wants you to spreken 鈧? No idea who I got on the phone, I was going to assume it was a business partner OID of my ex. I: 鈧?nice Contest? 鈧?He: 鈧?Yes, we have won. 鈧?I: 鈧?We? Lol, the best drivers are on shore, and you’ve made the goals yourself! 鈧?He: 鈧?You really don’t want to believe I can play football huh? We won 3 鈧?”0 and I made 3 goals! 鈧?The famous unknown was: Jimmy Hasselbaink.

Yes, I was only 2 years in NL and as an employee of the policy department at a life insurer I got Beau van Erven Dorens on the line, and he was very angry and called my employer scammers and demanded that we cancel his policy retroactively and all premiums And that he wanted to speak to the manager and I kept saying that the manager was going to tell him the same thing and that he signed the offer and that it belongs to the product that costs are charged etc. etc. etc.And he did not have anything to do. And my Collega s found that I did it super well and I didn’t let myself be intimidated by a BN er. I asked 鈧?艙who is that? 鈧?p>1984, Olympic Winter games in Sarajevo.Ice Hall 鈧?虄Zetra (Art Schatsen, Baanschatsen). I (then ~ 20 years old) worked for Coca Cola. Walk around in a nice Coca Cola uniform, refrigerators with free tins refill, relaxed work. At a quiet moment I went to see the training of Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean (they later won gold medal ice dance). I was sitting next to a sympathetic British lady, we chatter about Sarajevo and ice dancing and everything else. I was young and Flirterig… also she was a little older, you knew but nooit 鈧?娄
Anyway: Everyone had a plasticized card hanging around his neck, with your photo and with stickers in different colors that indicated in which zones you could come (such as red for athletes zone, yellow for journalists zone etc).I almost all had them, everyone had to be able to get Coca Cola for free. But that funny relaxed Madame had just a little more: gold-colored sticker for top-VIP zone. I said something like: gee, what do you actually do, are you a VIP hostess Orzo? She: I am Princess Anne. I still had to ask to find out that she was Queen Elizabeth’s second child (sister of Prince Charles). I stopped flirting, it would not be anything…


Professionally I met several celebrities and even though I would not recognise my neighbor when I would see him walking in Brussels, the Vips I usually recognized.That was clearly not the case with my French-speaking colleague, Marie-Louise.

The press was invited to a villa-restaurant for the presentation of a new perfume by the French fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

We were already with a glass of bubbles to chat with the designer who wore a bright yellow jacket for the occasion, when Madame Marie-Louise came to the ground and stepped straight on the man with her car key waving.

Voiturier, you can park my car here!

We stiffened, did not know where to look, but Marquis de Castelbajac thought it was hilarious that our Marie-Louise did not recognize him and replied laughing:

Madame, I would be happy to do that for you.But I don’t have a driver’s license. I ride only with my motorbike.

The fashion shows of the Castelbajac were also always show images of humor, kshopstrokes and good humor.

The Castelbajac also designed swimwear for Vilebrequin.

The Bears of the Castelbajac 鈧?娄

鈧?娄 and his frog jacket.

I have met when I was twenty and lived in Amsterdam in rooms an unknown celebrity.

Two American women whose one, the oldest clearly had a kind of surveillance/mentor function. The youngest was my age. I have shown them Amsterdam from student perpective. At the end of the day asked the youngest very surprised did you really not recognize me? What I said: Why are you a celebrity? On which they both flew and looked at each other revealing and wanted to say nothing more. So I have apparently been with a celebrity on the move, but still don’t know who it was today..

We were in Switzerland and went to the Paul Klee Museum in Bern.The architect of this museum is Renzo Piano, who also designed NEMO in Amsterdam. Outside on the wall of the museum hung a poster about which I wanted to know more. So when we were inside I went to the reception to ask about that poster. They did not know the answer and said 鈧?艙ask that man there 鈧? I felt with a mess in the reed sent. So I walked on rather high paws to that man and asked my question. The man talked back, but not about my question; I don’t even know what he said. He looked quite striking: he had a chic white suit with a red tie and expensive red shoes. Because he also did not give an answer to my question, I soon walked further, so from 鈧?艙to you I also niks 鈧? Half an hour later, as we were strolling through the halls of the museum, we suddenly caught the rumor 鈧?艙Renzo Piano shines to be here, in the museum 鈧? There sounded an excited rummaging and people looked around from 鈧?艙where would be ie? 鈧?and 鈧?艙we could talk to him? 鈧? Then we realized that the man I had rather rude was poised because IE gave no answer to M N question Renzo was Piano! He thought, of course, that we would find it a whole honor that he spoke with us and probably did not understand that I walked impatiently without hanging on z n lips. 冒鸥 虄 -p>

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