Have you ever had a panic attack? What happened and how did you experience this?

My wife and I drove along the shore of Lake Huron on the Canadian side and decided to stop at one of the ravines for a better face.It was a bit secluded and the edge of the ravine wasn’t dropped off with a fence or anything else.

We got out of the car and walked closer to it.The trench was deep and wide. In several places along the edge, the soil had only been dropped in the depths. My breath was stoked in my throat. There was that strange force that seemed to suck me there, as if I could just float in that space.

The fear of that unreality overtook me. My wife was already walking up very close to the edge.I shouted at her to go back. She looked at me and laughed, as if it were all funny, didn’t snapping why I was so teat. Panic then overtook me altogether. Shouted again: “COME BACK!”. She came slowly and playfully. In slow motion, unreal, as in a nightmerry or a horror movie.

But she came back, Unsconden.We walked, ran, to the car. I, trembling and afraid to even disturb the ground and tumble into the abyss, returned the car and without any reason we drove away from that strange and spooky place. I had the overwhelming feeling that we escaped a great danger on the brink.

I have fear of heights, but sometimes there are things I do want to do…. I am not letting things diminish by my fear of heights.

So I wanted to walk across the tree-twith path in Borger.On this special path in the forest of pour-Borger you literally walk between the tops of the trees. I was above and became dizzy, my knees kneeling and my heartbeat was very high, I sat down and embraced the middle pole. People who walked by asked if I was OK. I replied: I have a fear of heights.

After a few minutes my body was quieter and I could enjoy the view.Then I could walk to the next centerpost, then sit back and embrace the pole. .. Waiting for my body to be calmer, enjoying the view and back further. To the next pole.

So I followed the whole path.My fear of heights will not pass, but I do not let myself stop thereby doing things.

I have Claustrophobia and sometimes wake up with a cold Swede awake from a nightmare, to be buried alive.

The very worst I can remember… Some 25 years ago I was 4 weeks on vacation in America.We also did Las Vegas. From near Vegas you could make nice cheap trips to the Grand Canyon. We had a sense of that. D煤s the plane taken. It was a small one-engine device for Max six passengers. I was sitting right behind the pilot. Well you have to know that in summer it can sometimes come quietly above the 40 gr C. So the air is very hot and trembling. When the influx ascended… Was it barely in the air or it seemed to collapse; It made a huge smak down and then just flew on. I was shocked by the unexpected fall. The device won altitude and flew further, but by those continuous ‘ air pockets ‘ it sometimes popped up 20 m in one blow. Now there was nothing going on at all, because that is normal with that heat and the appliance could have been excellent. Only… I said that every time we would really crash! I got terrible agony and grabbed the pilot’s chair for me in agony. It was so very… That I became almost unconscious of pure fear twice. My brother saw this, started and summed the pilot to make it clockwise. Ma ‘ Yes… This was America… And everything revolved around money. The pilot thus replied that he could not turn around, because those other 3 passengers (who did not have nothing to suffer from fear) had paid for the whole flight, so… Then my brother used the big magic word in the States: “Then I’ll sue you!!” Immediately the pilot then turned clockwise.
I did when we landed… The ground L茅tterlijk Coast…;-)