Have you ever encountered anything in your food that shouldn’t be there?

That was too bizarre for words.So I bought an invested sandwich at the bakery during the lunch break. And took and few bites and then I heard a cracking sound on my teeth. I spat it out and I saw an aborted pick.

So I quickly went to call the dentist if she could receive me urgently, I give her the pick and she says Oh Jee that doesn’t look good, we’ll look first, just lie down.So she went in min mouth looking and… Surprise!… All my teeth were picobello in order. It was indeed a pick (no pebble or so) but not mine.

Not in my own food, but in the breakfast cereals for my then 9 year old son.A big Shard glass of a light bulb.

What struck me most, when I reported this in the store was how laconic it was.I got from the same shelf a new pack of cereals.

When I pointed out to the customer service representative that there might be more glass suits, because normally an incandescent bulb is larger than a single shard, she asked me if I wanted to ‘ get my money back ‘.

When I explained to her that the first concern might have been to get the suits out of the shelves, she let me know nothing to do, until the company leader would be back.That would be ‘ this afternoon ‘ (I reported it around an hour or 10 mornings) only.

When I told her that that was fine, but she didn’t have to blame me for calling the local press, she seemed to understand that there might be a real problem anyway.She would call the manager ‘ but he certainly wouldn’t like to be disturbed on his free morning ‘. She warned me.

Fortunately, the company manager did understand the seriousness of the situation and the suits were removed directly from the shelves.A few weeks later I received a thank you letter from the creators of the breakfast cereals with a voucher for a nice amount, to spend on their breakfast cereals.

After the glass incident, however, my son never eaten any more cereal from that or any other brand.

I had no hurry in the morning and grabbed my breakfast quietly.This time it was Cornflakes and a new box in addition. I made it open quietly threw flakes in the bowl and grab the soy milk from the fridge.

I come back and see a caterpillar crawling out of the plastic packaging!First I thought, aah that is because we leave window open. 10 minutes later my housemate is sliding with her suit cornflakes… Same story.. And again a caterpillar.

Both types of cornflakes were of the same brand.Facebook was not really a thing yet, we made a picture with the camera and sent it on to the manufacturer by mail.

Three days later a package… It turned out to be a production problem of the producer and we received a month of different products as compensation.

Yes at a reputable hotel/restaurant on the boulevard in Scheveningen.A fiks piece of glass in the aioli that I had dipped baguette into. I came back when I felt, just before swallowing some focus in my mouth, followed by the Taste of blood. It turned out that I had opened my tongue fiks. Waitress called, piece of glass showing, to which she said ‘ well, and now? Do you want to drink for free now? ‘

I was baffled, waiter called, who also did not really reacted; It did indeed finish with a free Colaatje.Next day complain of Maitre d ‘ who became a green of misery. At check out many excuses and afterwards via the post a voucher. But 1x there eating/sleeping we found enough:/

Yes, a big fishing hook.Luckily it was a big one, a little I might not have noticed.

Meanwhile some 25 years ago: I let me convince me to drink water from the glass bottle of a cheaper brand.I got some sick and called a doctor who couldn’t find anything immediately but wrote me some pills and rest.

After some days of rest I got a bit more active and poured me back some water.I looked at the glass and noticed that the water droplets on the glass were a little smaller than normal. Something did not beat.

It turned out that in the meantime a sediment had come loose in the bottle and drove around in it.Since I have a bad nose I didn’t notice anything, but others knew it immediately: this was a bottle that was used to store white spirit and was not washed out or bad. I have since drunk only spray water from a well-known brand, packaged in plastic.

Sugar.If you were to invent and market granulated sugar, it would be banned by the FDA (US VWA) in the US due to excessive toxicity in animal experiments.

Which I speak is now 18 years ago, when I found a big wood chip in my granddaughter’s baby food.Trifles like a minifly or a hair is so general, whoever thinks that’s not even a little while, that can happen in the most class cases, despite the strict hygiene

I myself, no, have ever had a friend, potato wholesaler, from the sorting machine always came a lot of iron, especially when the potatoes came from the westhoek, including sometimes hand grenades and obus heads, still remnants from the First World War.

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