Have you ever earned money with a website? How did that work?

I fully join Robert Hoebe.I have a supplement to that. Most people start building a website based on the design. I say, ‘ Start with the end in mind ‘, and the end should be something that is picked up by the search engines well.

So first of all I look at the products I’m going to put in the market, I rate the algorithms of the different search engines based on what comes first.For example, I also do this with advertising.

So I simply look (cost me a day to find out on mobile and desktop) where the site needs to meet.Examples include video content, the number of images in a product, multilingualism and SEO text and keywords.

Everything that is possible and appropriate to the product or service that I offer and brings me on the first page.I put that in a plan and so I build up the site; I do this myself in WiX.

From designing, completing and re-doing, you become very tired.If you do it afterwards, you will be dropped by that fatigue and the pressure sticking and that does not help you in the finding.

After launching, your site will slowly rise slightly in the ranking.You can advertise, but that’s the easy way. If, like me, you are mainly active in B to B, you better get people to try to call, mail, etc. ; About advertising and social media may someone else write because I still want to learn better.

It can go in Z n work the same as you want.It starts by coming up with a domain name and registering it. For example, with Versio, or another party. To your domain, link your hosting and a CMS (for example, WordPress). You choose a theme, or let a designer build something and start filling.

One option is to focus a site on certain topics.For example, a site about budgeting, or educating about teenagers (I’ll mention what). You’re going to write a bit, share fun content (also on social of course) and make sure you get your visit on your site. For example, you can run Google AdSense on it and generate a little revenue from ads.

In addition to these advertisements, you can look at suitable affiliate partners where you can offer products for your site.There you will also receive income, provided that they match your audience.

My experience is that it (certainly in the beginning) can fall heavily against it.People are well made with beautiful stories about earning online, it is now through drop shipping, blogging or something completely different. At the end of the day there are just a lot of hours left to build something. Knowledge of SEO and social media can really save you to attract more 鈧?艙gratis 鈧?traffic to a site. That teaches my experience.

Any euro you deserve to stop again in the site helps to grow.For example, buy a new plugin or theme, or generate more traffic by social advertising. I myself have tried different ways. Started an online shop and jumped on the CBD oil bandwagon. That was difficult because of the competitive market and I could not put enough time into it. I started a site about plant care with tips etc. and put affiliate links in there. Also fell heavily against it. Hundreds of visitors only 0 income.

Now I run a gaming and entertainment news blog where I just write about topics I like myself.That goes 10 times easier and it takes me very little effort. The site now exists for 2 months but has already received more than 2000 visitors at the time. Relatively not very much, but quite a lot for a new site that does not pay to generate traffic. I receive revenue from a combination of Google AdSense ads and affiliate links from Bol. The more traffic, the more revenue flows within. If the site grows further and I will be on 10,000 visitors per month, then I expect to convert a few hundred euros with it.

A tip: If you want to get rich online quickly, make a good plan and don’t ask vague questions on a forum.No one has the formula; You will have to search for a revenue model that fits your interests, connections and skills.

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