Have you ever been treated rude in a restaurant? What happened?

Once I had reserved for 4 people in a restaurant where Eel was the speciality.I had mentioned that we would like to eat eel. We ordered Eel and started with a starter and a bottle of white wine. When the appetizer was eaten, the waitress came to tell us that there was no more eel. I told my company that the steaks were also fine in this restaurant and we ordered steaks for all of us. Laughing at the waitress, I said that she could put a bottle of red wine in it, considering we needed to switch to meat. It was said laughing and we didn’t expect us to get a free bottle of wine.

Moments later, the chef came to call us for profiteers and that he would not serve us and we would better eat somewhere else in a restaurant a little further that I had left as a real estate agent and which he apparently regarded as a competitor.This apparently stuck him.

We have left and I have never been there again although I was a regular customer before.

Last summer I went to Portugal with my boyfriend.

On our last day in Lisbon, we went to a street full of restaurants where we had already tried two restaurants that we were satisfied with.

We thought to try another restaurant in the same street because of our previous positive experience.

Our Last Supper in Lisbon, however, was a disaster.The waiter who was outside the restaurant tried to persuade us with a lot of conviction to eat with them. I asked my friend to take a look at Tripadvisor to see how others had experienced the restaurant. However, he did not return the restaurant. I had one for a hunch, but we were so hungry that my friend by impatience still had to bite the waiter’s proposal.

We ordered fish but got more bones than anything else.This was in stark contrast to all the previous restaurants in Portugal where we had eaten fresh tasty fish. Already complaining we ate our dish as much as possible.

Next to us, there was a Belgian couple at a given moment.They ordered liquor. We touched them to talk and told them about our trip in Portugal. After a while, the topic of discussion went to the disastrous food on our plate for our nose. My friend warned the couple best to eat somewhere else now that it wasn’t too late yet.

Then he stood up to go to checkout.When he came back, I saw that something had gone wrong. He told that the waiter had said that we do not have the right to talk to his clients. In addition, he had charged us 4 euros extra for supposedly ‘ service costs ‘. My friend, totally in shock, didn’t dare to say much. I, in any way, was infuriated to hear how he had dealt with my friend and to turn us off again.

I: ‘ Oh pardon, service costs? ‘
Waiter: ‘ Is This your first day in Lisbon?Service fees are normal here. ‘
I: ‘ No, it’s our last night in Lisbon and you’re by far the worst restaurant we’ve been at ‘
This reaction he had not seen arriving I saw in his gaze.He paused. But good too.

We stood up and on the street I cried once more loud ‘ the worst restaurant of Lisbon ‘.

In Belgium We found the restaurant back on Tripadvisor with some searching.We were indeed not the only one they had dropped off. Indeed, a page full of bad reviews emerged.
Sin that such restaurants can continue to exist by ignorant tourists.

I was a weekend with my family to Kortgene, Zeeland.After some walking we arrived at the campsite there (Camping De Paardekreek) and because right next to the restaurant was a pool where my son could play in, we decided to eat there.

It was very crowded but there was another place, we ordered drinks and waited on the map.The spa water that my wife had ordered tasted to the beer that had been in that glass. It took and lasted but before the card came and after a few more questions the waiter did not return. Eventually it turned out that his service sat on it and he just had left, and the ministry reacted so uninteresting and rude that we were left. I do not know why I had taken the initiative to pay the drinks because not only were the glasses dirty, the service was completely forgotten those drinks. They all didn’t know any flute.

Mind you, all this was in 2010 so hopefully they have improved in the nine intervening years,

It was in Paris, years apply in restaurant Kong.At the entrance was a red carpet and you were accompanied by two wardrobes to a glass lift.

The waitress came in her Kenzo outfit, photo model appearance, perfect hairstyle and

With an air that we were allowed to praise heaven for the great honor to be served by her.Her colleague was a little less over the top, but certainly less in ruinness, managed to serve the wrong dishes. My problem

Was that I had nothing to be served and after some insistence, despite the evil glances I had to defy, I got a burnt-up calf’s liver on a plate.

In order to shorten a long tragedy, everything went wrong and the ministry put another scoop on it.

Even for Paris this was remarkably rude.

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