Have you ever been to a TV show? How was it for you? Is it just as beautiful as it looks on TV?

Yeah, have been several times “hit cattle” for programs.You can see everything, but through screens above your head. A man/woman on the side indicates if you have to fold. The atmosphere you would expect is not there, is very sterile. You also can not talk and so..

In 1998 I was a guest on stage with Catharina Keijl.The topic was about “development aid”, more or less. I think it should be abolished. Next to me was a Dutch woman who also found this because there was still poverty in the Netherlands. I because I lived in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and worked as an immigrant, not as an expat or as an NGO. And when the country became Zimbabwe, the Ngos flowed in while for 1980 this country was boycotted economically.

Later came a couple who set up their own projects in Gambia like building a school, but they couldn’t answer my question like “Who’s going to pay the teacher”.And even later, the Minister of Development assistance was involved. This was Mrs. Herfkens, who then got a thick paid job at the World Bank in New York.

I had little bother with the cameras

Yes, my sister and I were (when we were teenagers) public when Losing weight with stars.It’s been 12 years ago and I don’t know any details anymore. I do know that I didn’t want to go to a TV show afterwards.

We were invited by Linda Wagenmakers, who participated in the program, to be public.Linda Wagenmakers had invited all her friends, family and acquaintances to be present at the TV show.I think the other candidates did that too, but Linda took most of the people along.

My sister and I were honored and our father took us to the SBS Studio.What struck me was that several studios of different broadcasters were close to each other. And that the studio in which we were public but half built. I found it very much against falling.

What Linda only told me was that her family and friends heard ‘ the audience ‘, was allowed to sit in front, got champagne and often came into the picture.And that her acquaintances were allowed to sit in the back and (as Jeroen Klugt was the beautiful wording) ‘ Blow cattle ‘. Of course we belonged to the last group and we were allowed to take place on a kind of tribune. ‘ The audience ‘ was sitting on chairs.

The show was not broadcast live, so that meant it all lasted very long.Several scenes had to be several times over, because a lamp for example did not work properly, the camera was out, or that the presenter (I do not remember who) that necessarily wanted. The worst were the moments when the blow scenes were about. There were several signals indicating what kind of blow you had to perform: exuding, short, standing ovation… Etc. I was blow-tired after an hour.

Under our chair there was a discount card for the Zwaluw Hoeve and we had to take it enthusiastically.Even though those cards were given away for free at that time. I thought ‘ the audience ‘ even got a free entrance card, but of course we had to pretend we all had the same gift.

It was hot and it took hours and I texting secretly my dad or he came to pick us up again.My sister and I quietly left the studio. No idea how long they had continued afterwards.

We still saw the broadcast when he was on TV.Somewhere in the distance you see us sitting. I had a super hip blue Paul Frank shirt (yes, with that monkey!) and that was good to spot.

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