Have you ever been really hungry?


I have talked about it here on Quora, but I grew up in poverty, and sometimes I was really hungry.

Our food sometimes consisted of a piece of hard old baguette with a sugar cube.

Or old jam from Grandma of which I should scrape the fungus off.

Once I had only 1 kilo of pasta left, for me and my dog, for a week long.I shared it with my dog and stayed as much as possible in my apartment: I was too hungry and was too baffled to go out of my house.

When I finally got some money, I went to the fastfood downstairs and ate so much that I was sick of it.

Being hungry is no lolletje.

A human can take about 40 days without food.The longest period I did without has been three days. Is that hungry… Or just a hefty trek?

I don’t know, but I considered it quite unpleasant.I was pulling with some Polish friends through the Mountains (1988) and it turned out that a youth hostel in the middle of the mountains, where we had planned a stay, no longer existed. The building was still there-we stayed there-but the dinner and breakfast had to be missed. A second overnight location was also not to exist.

We lived with 3 people for 3 days on 2 bars of chocolate.

The idea is not to be repeated.

Yes.If you have modal income and then get into WW and don’t have another job within a few months, your income is almost halved, but the fixed charges remain the same. So I’ve had it more often that I bought food only for my son and not for myself.

Born on 11 July 1943.Is that sufficient answer? In September 1945 I was able to keep something in again for the first time.

Naja whether it is really hungry I do not know, but last year I did not eat anything for 4 days and only drank water.

The crazy thing is that your hunger feeling is no longer, but rather less, it comes in bouts.

I find it easier to eat a whole day than a little bit.

But that did close my idea of “real” hunger

Also, I have taken 1 meal per day of 2000kcal in the evening for a month.

That was also nice willpower testing.

I’ve known short bouts of hunger long ago.Between my twentieth and twenty-fifth hitchhiked I regularly run through Europe, often with very little money in pocket. Once in a while I got a kind of flu in London which allowed me to stay longer than to allow my reserves. I still had enough money for the ferry from Dover to Zeebrugge. If I really have nothing to eat at all I’m pretty fast shivering and fevered. Of course I ended up in the Netherlands again but it was a hellish trip.

‘, ‘ I think so.My mother had baked potato peels and when I had empty my plate I asked, to give her a compliment on the great food, or I got some. Of course I knew it was on. (I was 2 years and 4 months.)

“,” I’m endurance athlete.I am constantly hungry.

No, at most ‘ trek ‘.

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