Have there already been videos of the first plane crash on September 11, 2001?

Yes, but of course there are no images that were made by a television station, because that first crash happened suddenly.So there are no television images from location or helicopter footage that were made from across both the Hudson and the East River, which one calls the skyline. Images were actually made from the first crash, but these were mostly only amateur images. The images are therefore very precious and rare.

Reportage by brothers Naudet (* World famous *)

During a report about fireman Jason Cascone of the New York Fire Brigade “Firefly”, a camera crew filmed the first working day of this man in question.The commander is called Joseph Pfeifer. After the attacks he accurately described what he was doing that day. I forgot what the corps did exactly near the World Trade Center. I forgot what their actual task was.

In the morning of 11 September 2001, the Corps moved to a crossroads on Church Street, about two to three kilometres from the World Trade Center.The filming brothers Jules and G茅d茅on Naudet, like every good living soul, had no idea in which they would end up. One of them was absent from work and was left behind by circumstances in the fire headquarters, but I do not know exactly who and why. I think G茅d茅on, but I don’t know for sure. Long since I’ve seen this documentary yet.

At one point, which eventually turned out to be 8:46 hours of local time, the first airplane flies over.The men throw a glimpse into the air, without having any clue as to which damage the plane will immediately start to wreak. The commander testified that he had rarely seen a passenger plane fly so low above the city. A more than justified and logical remark of course. Together with his colleagues he saw the first airplane hitting, while the rest of the world saw this through the lens of the brothers Naudet. These images are world-famous and are still regularly screened during worldwide commemorations in the news on September 11th. Not yearly, but still a lot.

Amateur video by Pavel Hlava

The first of two amateur statues was made by the Czech tourist Pavel Hlava.He was an immigrant who lived in New York with some friends and he probably stayed in Brooklyn, as at least on the first images he made. They come with a rental car from that direction and drive together to Manhattan. He is not behind the wheel himself, which is also obvious. Coincidentally, he filmed a piece of Lower Manhattan. He started filming more precisely just before entering the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel.

The time span that gaaped between the start of the movie and entering the tunnel was sufficient to capture the first crash.Some trees do not obstruct a bit of sight. Hlava did not, however, seem to remember this. I suspect they were only going to see that something serious happened when they took off the tunnel and went on filming.

Hlava also filmed the second attack and the collapse of the first tower, especially the southern one.He filmed the last event from the Manhattan Bridge, which would later be closed for all traffic. In all likelihood, Hlava and his friends fled to the other shore of the East River as soon as the second plane struck, as the images of the collapse were again made across the street.

Video by internet artist Wolfgang Staehle

One last amateur video was made by a man named Wolfgang Staehle, again seen from Brooklyn.Staehle is an internet artist, which makes it doubtful whether we can consider his video as an amateur video. It’s just not exactly a smoothly playing video. He recorded a new image of the Manhattan skyline each three seconds.

It rests purely by chance that he was doing this about a quarter for nine local time.There are images made by Staehle a few seconds before the impact. On the first picture the airplane is clearly visible. The second image records the moment of entry. The last image shows the fireball that followed. As a result, Staehle managed to make the first crash in bookkeeping for eternity. Like Hlava, Staehle also filmed the collapse of the World Trade Center. Unlike Hlava, he filmed both collapses.

Documentary by the Brothers Naudet (first photo few minutes before weft, World Trade Center clearly visible in the background, the man left is Fire Commander Joseph Pfeifer)

Pavel Hlava (World Trade Center seen from the southeast, with the airplane flown several seconds earlier in the northern tower, smoke plume develops)

Wolfgang Staehle (all images are actually unique, but the latter I find reasonably strong)

These are reportedly the only direct images ever released and I have a silent suspicion that it is also really the only images, otherwise those (still non-existent) other images would have been released over the years.

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