Has there ever been a turning point that you have lost confidence in politics and the elections? What was it?

I have lost my confidence in the electorate a little.I don’t understand how the problems that many people complain about can be solved by the VVD or FvD or the PVV.

Immigration?The only ministers who have achieved something in this are from PvdA huize.

Poverty reduction?The VVD doesn’t do anything about it.

Security?The VVD has been on that dossier for many years, but it is less secure for the first time since decades.

The Treasury?CDA and PvdA ministers have the best results in reducing the budget deficit. VVD ministers usually only make the deficit bigger.

Only 130Km per hour is really a success…

In the Netherlands, almost every election is a kind of disappointment.When I was younger, the CDA always won and formed the government, either with the PvdA, or with the VVD and never changed anything. While I was always very frustrated with politics at the same, I now have something like “it was just so”. The so desired changes still came vnl in the form of the “sexy-girls-Beautiful-boys-new-dynamic-kiss-kiss-kiss fascism-that-you-no-fascism-May-call-because-that-is-ugly” (but the ideas are always suspicious equivalent). If you have a pig that is lounging around the day and sits under the mud is a nice jacket it is only a pig that has lying around the whole day lazing and sitting under the mud with a nice jacket.

That kind of change is not the type that every rational thinking man should want.For, although I am left neither right nor Centrist, I call myself a Rationalist, a rational thinking man. However, I can confidently say that the last glimmer of confidence/goodwill compared to the Dutch politics was screaming in the elections of 2017.

I come from a red nest, where my parents always vote PvdA.I often voted on a party like Green Left when I was young, but that was more so because when I was still younger I voted on the CPN and an sich I don’t have that much crazy with the Social Democrats. Although I do think that they often did have the most logical plans of the big parties (when they were still a big party). Nowadays I always look carefully at the plans and make a choice based on that. Voice pointer with the voice pointer (sorry, could not fail).

However, in 2017 the PvdA was punished so God’s gruesome by the electorate, I literally got tears in my eyes.The VVD was responsible for the lion’s share of the policy that was conducted, but as usual the PvdA was punished for participation. The PvdA is always punished by the electorate, while the actual culprits, in this case the VVD were even rewarded for it.

I really wonder how a party like the PvdA always and EEUWG is punished for policy, even if they have only a small share. Probably that’s because Links always go under by themselves.On the right is never divided into his struggle against the left, while the left is always damned, because that and that it once again disagrees with the approach of that and that of a theme and no longer wants to talk to that other. It is a fact that the vast majority of humanity find leftist ideas, plans very pleasing. It is thanks to right-wing propaganda that those same people who use left-informed institutions hate and/or demonize the same Links to the bone and hold them accountable for everything that is wrong in the world. While a logical approach demonstrates that it is mainly the other side that causes the most poo.

Funnily enough you see things like divisive practically never on the right side.One goes to battle against everything left and/or counterclockwise. Honestly, you see this in the US a little more and more valser than in Europe, but still: the Spanish Republicans are not lost because the weaker were than Franco’s falangists, but because in Barcelona there was a kipped between communists and anarchists with the result that Those two began to fight against each other with bombs and grenades in the streets of Barcelona instead of defending themselves and fighting against the fascists of Franco.Ergo, Franco conquered Barcelona quite easily and eventually won the Civil War. The main problem of the left is that they are never really uniform-as soon as the case is, they are virtually unbeatable and right know, so they will do everything to maintain that division.

In conclusion, my biggest disappointment in the (Dutch) politics is twofold: 1) The fact that the PvdA is always and eternally punished by the electorate even though they have neither part nor part in the policy; and (2) The fact that Links can never and ever form a unified bloc without falling apart, thus gaining right.Nevertheless, I still have confidence in the (Dutch) politics to hope that sensible, logical people will take over the helm and bring things back on the straight path. Irish politics? Lol.

Once I was exceptionally disappointed.I had voted for the first time on the party that was then called D ‘ 66 instead of D66.

Even then, that party made good ornamental with green viewpoints.It was the time that Jan Terlouw was a list tractor. I was young and trusted blind on the party program, so much more reasonable than for example the political party radicals (PPR).

Shortly after the elections, the conflict arose around the highway that had to come across an old Utrechts City estate and became known under the name the Battle of Amelisweerd.

Until my bewilderment, D ‘ 66 supported the construction of the road by thick and thin.It was even worse. A prominent D’66er, Nota bene One of the founders, Mr. Zeevalking, was the secretary of state who went over that dossier. He walked to hope against the massive protests against that road, with tree houses and all, and cried out: That way that comes good-or malicious, and else I quit!

Where I had expected a friendly and green Left-liberal, I thus reached a sound that I would place before the right wing of the VVD.

I called the d ‘ 66 group chairman in my hometown, the Lord of Spirit, and told him that I felt deceived and that I could not assume that a D ‘ 66 minister called something like that.

From Spirit hung a sibling flut story on politics and prioritizing and giving and taking.My conclusion was: they lied to me as voters. I have never voted on them ever since, and I am not going to do that again.

Politics is of course a fairly corrupted sector.Most people do not sit there from idealism, but from vanity, power hunger, status and ambition. There are all sorts of powerful bodies that have at least as much influence on the policy as the voter. The whole gas drama in Groningen was meant to make Shell not too tricky. The deletion of the dividend tax was put on the agenda purely because Unilever wanted it.

But yes, on balance Dutch is a wisely governed and prosperous country, so there is also a lot of good.If certain policy shoots to one side, then I agree exactly the opposite. Ideology has little to do with it. Incidentally, I have arranged my life so that politics has little influence on me.

There are plenty of parties In the Netherlands.You can always find one that you partly agree with and which is not too korrupt or incompetent. The Netherlands also has reasonably serious media. Compared to other countries I know, relatively many people read real newspapers such as NRC, Volkskrant, Parool, FD and Trouw, and even telegraph and AD are very well compared to the troop that people in England, Denmark and New Zealand read.

I think it is worrying that so many people vote on unserious parties who have never behaved and therefore can easily whine without having to contribute constructifs and realistically.However, Dutch politics usually end with a sort of compromise that most people can tolerate.

When I moved to England, I found the so-called “democracy” they have there shocking bad, but that’s just because it’s not democratic. Education and the press ensure that the voters are kept stupid, the electoral system is arranged so that a party can get 30% of the votes and then the country’s dictatorial sins to take only account of majority positions (let alone Minority views) where their sponsors disagree, the country only has an unwritten constitution that only consists of traditions, the House of Lords (the largest parlament in the world outside China) consists of lazy who have had their seats or bought them, And as a scientific adviser to the Government, you are continually instructed to invent scientific evidence for propositions that the government has made to lick the butt of their commercial sponsors.

So…. If you have lost your confidence in democracy, try to live in a non-democratic country.You will soon miss the Dutch democracy.

The second chamber election of May 2002 was for me the moment when I lost my trust.Not in politics or elections, but in the Dutch voter. Over 1.5 million of my compatriots thought it was a good idea to vote for the brand new party LPF. And of these, more than 1 million people thought it was a good idea to vote on a dead.
I quite understand that people want change.Frits Bolkestein had a clear stamp which went further as the traditional principles of the VVD.
The emergence of “livable” was also a signal.Later The PVV came on, and now FvD. To some extent understandable.
But Pim Fortuyn made me clear that people are much more voices from the emotion as well as from practical thinking or norms and values.
And given all the emotional voices afterwards (Hello Brexit and Ukraine Treaty) I am only strengthened in my thought that this is not good for me as an individual and that it is probably not good for us as a society.

I trust politics, in the sense that the parties generally do not go far beyond their basic principles.And elections, I think the principle is good. Every voice counts. But the Dutch voter, I trust a lot less.

That was sure.
And that is why I myself have stepped into politics.

A small party in Belgium, but that makes it fun!

We want to be rid of party politics and a citizen’s Democracy (liquid, flatpack,…)
And we can find views of right and left good:-)

If you don’t trust anything, then you can do it yourself better?Unless you trust less in yourself of course.
So: If you want to change something: try that!

I have not had confidence from childhood, and a turning point was not so, but I was so outraged that the tears jumped me in the eyes in 1959, when Jan de Quay, an unmerciful Catholic politician, who had tried in the occupying time 2 times To establish a plain country treacherous party, until Prime Minister was appointed.The Quay, which he said was not a Democrat, had already been Commissioner of the Queen and gave (after Episcopal advice!) and the loud call of his party and even of the not so savvy Queen Juliana to the urge, I could not me with 16 years but not Proposals, that there was no one to find that had not been wrong in the war.

Once you find out, that people have been sitting in the room exactly after 12.5 years, retiring and that a certain person is still so rude to become mayor of Amsterdam.

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