Has NASA ever been instructed to protect the Earth?

I suspect that this will have been an interplay between the American Congress and NASA.

NASA has guidelines to keep alien organisms isolated if they come back with a space mission.If these were insufficient or overpriced, they were shot by the U.S. government and adjusted.

NASA also has guidelines on the use of Radioactive substances on board spacecraft to minimize the risk of misery.

NASA has no official mandate to protect the world from meteorites or aliens.However, there is a program to detect possible dangerous objects. Also, an attempt is soon made to deflect a chunk of space debris-a kind of test to see if we can do something about it.

With all its resources, NASA has a decent chance of observing a threat from outside the Earth first.Then this has to be reported to a whole bunch of bodies-so much that I suspect that one is still at the bakery who should do what to do, if the problem arises.

Of course they are not crazy at NASA either.If something is going on and there is a technical thing to do, they will undoubtedly present a plan and want to take action.

Ultimately, the US government and Congress will have to decide on the deployment of such a plan.I wonder what amount they are willing to spend on protecting against a meteorite that has little impact in the US.

Who should get that assignment?America is not the boss of the whole Earth. That is (in fact) the UN Security Council.

But it is not allowed to instruct NASA.

NASA is really not turned on when alien Wezsns land on Earth.

They go directly to the military base in ‘ Area 51 ‘.

The American intelligence Service ‘ then ‘ has mercy on them.

In a possible invasion of alien creatures, a few Americans really don’t make the difference, though.

No but they have ever been busy with project “Star Wars” but that had nothing to do with NASA.

Strategic Defense Initiative is the aim of the then President of the United States Ronald Reagan to come to a rocket shield in Space, involving ballistic missiles of the Soviet Union could be destroyed outside the vapour circuit .Because of its futuristic character, the project is also referred to as the saga Star Wars film.

It was Later revealed that the SDI project could not be carried out by the enormous costs, but the United States continued to develop the project in order to force the Soviet Union into a response.The Soviet Union would then invest its last billions in an impossible project. In the Soviet Union, a project began to improve its existing System A-135space Shield around Moscow , but this project ended up being more or less silent (however, there were tests in the years 90 and 2004 again).

The project has continued in the United States under the name National Missile Defense

And is part of the U.S. missile Defense System, which is to stop missile Weapons from Iran And North Korea against Europeancountries and the United States themselves.

To protect?Against what? Incoming meteors?

Are you really so naive that you think a club (or all people) Americans could protect the Earth?Americans who are in the sphere of racism, weapons, drugs, faith, poverty, teenage pregnancies, censorship, and an idiot as president, and that an even smaller club would have given a mandate to do so?

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