Games have become more and more graphic since Pong, but is it so that progress has now been flattened and perhaps stagnant?

There is an idea, which is called “The Uncanny Valley”, it is a kind of ‘ hole ‘ in perception of graphical representation in which it becomes difficult to truly distinguish what is real and what is fake. But in that ‘ hole ‘ we see some fake because it’s all just not good enough. That ‘ uncanny valley ‘ tries to avoid everyone.They do it by sitting as close as possible without having to suffer from the effect. Or just by sitting as far away as possible, think of modern games with an 8-bit look.

Still, as I think back to games 5 years ago and now. On the eye it seems that it is indeed all flattening.But in reality it keeps on going. By clever tricks and a better thought-out graphical experience, it still improves. A graphical 8-bit game of 5 years ago is less beautiful than a graphical 8-bit game this year, yet it is better. Other games that actually pursue more realism also look better now than 5 years ago.

Difficult to give a clear answer here!

“,” Doesn’t seem to me, nVidia and AMD wouldn’t sell a card anymore.Look at Star Citizen and No man’s Sky and the whole Virtual Reality happen. The Oculus Rift now still suffers from the screen by effect, but if the resolution gets better then the games like Lone Echo and Robot Recall and many others, are still exciting.

“,” That is how you define it.

In the time of Pong, computers could control a two-tone screen with a resolution of approx. 100×75 pixels.And for Pong that was enough. An important part of the progress is to improve the colour depth and resolution. You could say that that process is complete now that we have HDR10 screens with a resolution that is better than our eye. Perhaps there is still a residual profit to be gained in the image frequency to enlarge or “immersion” by VR. The rest of the progress only applies to games that try to generate realistic images, and the improvement is still not flattened!

No, nowadays the games do not stagnate and are certainly not flattened.

Games nowadays are just better.The possibilities that you have today to play games are huge. As soon as you enter an arcade or Game Hall, you can test for yourself how the games have changed. You have the PlayStation, the X-Box, the Nintendo etc ect.

The possibilities of playing games on your phone are even more extensive.You can play with your VR glasses, and more and more games are also made 3d.

But the original games will never be lost, since it’s all started with it.And you have plenty of game nerds, Old School, and normal players that keep such games alive. Keep up the good work guys!

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