For what kind of people are Mac computers good?

Software developers, with for web development.

This is mainly because of the Unix-like layer under the graphical user interface of Mac OS X. It is very easy to run all sorts of software that you normally running on Linux servers.

This can also be on Windows nowadays, but yes… That’s Windows.I find Windows a rather messy and user-friendly operating system, especially suitable for gaming and office running. Really everything under Windows feels as if it was added incoherent without looking at the total.

MacOS X is great for anyone who doesn’t want to play too much system administrator on their own computer.If you don’t have much time to spend, it’s nice when you earn your money using your computer. Every hour you spend on ‘ hassle ‘ with your computer is an unproductive hour.

Also nice: It just works well out of the box, the hardware works fine with the software together because everything is matched.No hassle with drivers, parts that don’t work together etc.

And indeed, Macs are more expensive.However, I keep this in mind as long as it saves me time and effort compared to a Windows system.

The computers themselves are not (more good) to upgrade, although that is not a very big problem.

An external GPU and extra storage I hang with Thunderbolt without any problems, so my laptop when I use my own office work with ease 5 monitors and has quite a bit of extra storage.I disconnect it then I can work mobile.

Since I work on it daily I usually buy every two to three years a new machine.

Computers are just cars.In a cheap car you also come from A to B. But some people prefer some more luxury, or buy a new vehicle because it needs less maintenance. It’s just where your needs, possibilities and preferences lie.

I am an informatician and have been working with PC since 1989.
Since roughly 1995 I was always approached by family, neighbours and friends to solve their problems with PC/Windows.Besides my own problems with non working drivers, lost files, blue screens, viruses and slow fragmented disks.

In 2004 I switched to a Macbook as a laptop (with PowerPC processor), and in 2008 also an (Intel-based) iMac desktop (actually a computer built into a sleek flat screen).
And for my dad also bought an iMac for his birthday, after another PC problem.I also managed to convince my brother and a brother-in-a-kind to work with MAC.
Since then, I have suffered a lot less computer problems to solve.
Those MacBook and iMac still work!And they have never had a virus (nor anti-virus software). Be it that they are slower, and the old MacBook-with other type of processor-gets no updates for the software anymore, and has problems with Flash websites.
My brother takes his laptop on yards (set construction), and the thing has already fallen far too often from a table, or there were heavy things on it, which is so very damaged but still works!He has now bought another one for the certainty. But that may be after more than 10 years of Afbeulen, no?

The Apple computers are expensive, but they generally also last much longer than their PC counterparts.For me it pays to bother.

I don’t get any Pcs in the house anymore.

If you want to buy a Windows notebook ANYWAY, I can only recommend the Microsoft Surface.These are apparently the only Pcs that come without all sorts of bloatware , and are also quite robust.But those costs are honestly about the same as their Apple counterparts.
But if you prefer to buy one of the Aldi, don’t come to me with problems.That of the Aldi is not worse than that of other brands, but cheaper.

For my clients I still work mostly with PC/Windows, because companies usually standardize on them.
But on my newer laptop (MacBook Pro 15-inch, Mid 2014) I also turn Windows 10 into parallel, for when needed. Or Linux.
I don’t need to run UNIX separately, because the Apple OS is based on UNIX.
So if I need to write or test something for UNIX, it can usually be on my laptop.

For everyone except hardcore PC gamers!

I have been using Apple products for years since I switched from Windows to MacOS in 2010.

For software testing, you have more advantages with a Macbook Pro/iMac than on a Windows system, mainly through the Linux based (FreeBSD) operating system and the support of iOS for mobile app testing (you don’t want to test iOS apps in a Windows environment).
Most programming languages can also be done on a Mac, especially now that Microsoft allows the .NET Core and Visual Studio Code to work natively on MacOS.

The price is what is on the high side, but if you take a heavy configuration then your PC can also be years with it.At the moment I still use the last generation 17 “MBP (2011) and it can still be perfect for software testing and development. 鈧?200 over 7.5 years is a social depreciation and if I still give it to Apple now they pay another 鈧?50 recycle premium (the MBP is in tip top condition).
I do intend to buy a new MBP in the coming months because I am also beginning to deal with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and these development studios run only on Windows.
The only point I still have to break my head is:
A) 鈧?300 MBP + 鈧?250 Wintel System
B) 鈧?100 MBP + 鈧?75 Win 10 Pro (+ Bootcamp)
The choice depends on how much extra time I’m going to spend on RPA versus Software Testing.

Although I find Mac Computers very overpriced for what they can do I have to work with Adobe programs on a MacBook Pro of 2015 after 4 years saying that it is well put together….The UI is clean, which doesn’t have too many options so you know where everything is (in terms of settings) and it looks professional..

Would I get it purely as a work computer/laptop?

No, the only reason I have one is because school bought this laptop for me, if I had to pay this out of my own wallet I had to have a laptop with Windows, like a Surface Book..

And what if you have enough money?

Then you can buy a MacBook if you really want it, because once you’re in Apple’s ecosystem you can be hard at it, think of iphone’s, Apple Pay, Apple Movie, Apple TV, Mac.

But do you really only have a work laptop then it’s not worth your money, because you can’t upgrade many things in the future like RAM, you’ll soon pay 250 euro extra, the same goes for the storage capacity though you could (at least with the 2015 model) The M. 2 Module (Dun SSD/storage) when replaced, I don’t know if this is still the case but RAM is at least always integrated into your mother board, so you couldn’t replace it.So think about this when purchasing.

A simple answer?

A Mac is good for people who are already in the ecosystem, people who use Adobe programs a lot and people who want a nice laptop, which doesn’t captivates that they’re paying too much.

A Macbook/MAC is expensive, you better have your own computer assembled by someone or buy a Windows Computer/Laptop yourself!

For people who want to “keep it simple”.I put that in parentheses because I hate all the operation systems of Apple myself, but some people find them very pleasant. Incidentally, Apple products are powerful, but not good for gaming. So for example for people who are studying they are about.

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