Find Intelligent People school more fun?

Intelligent people might be slightly better in things you need to do at school, especially learning in general is a bit easier. But that’s not to say they also find it more enjoyable to be there.

The biggest problem you can have with intelligent people is that there is no challenge. If you can learn something right, in this case, then you want to do that on your own level.If your harst ikke is good at playing football, you want to play football against other good players, the 5-year old boy is not exactly a good workout. If you are in school and get 5 explanations about something that you understand after 1 time, you make all the homework in the lesson, then it becomes boring and annoying.

That’s why intelligent children get problems, and why intelligent children don’t always score high.

There is no more interest, they do not mind anymore, sometimes it is thought of AD (H) D, but it is just boredom. Why do they have to pay attention if they understand it anyway? They don’t do their best anymore, numbers sacks, and the fun is from there.

School (or learning, or everything) is fun for everyone, if you’re at the right level.

Find your peak, the perfect place where it’s not too easy and not too difficult, that’s where the fun of learning sits.

In addition, you have the normal concerns of school that apply to everyone, intelligent or not.If you are being bullied at school or nobody knows then it is annoying and not fun.


The reason is actually simple.School, and by expanding the entire society, is tuned to the average. The more intelligent you are, how 鈧?虄exception you are in that sense.

So intelligent people often get bored at school.When they come to college, they can do a bit more 鈧?虄鈩? but they often have problems because they have not developed a study methodology, because they did not need them before.

Read the foreword in Bill Bryson s 鈧?虄A small history of almost anything (That’s right right?).He describes how much sense he had in school because he was so curious. And how awful it fell to him: 鈧?艙a Conspiracy of schoolwriters to presentationthe fabric as boring and unattractive as possible. School is Spirit-killing, he argues.

What Baert says: School is for the middle size.The properties and the Smarmen run the risk of falling out. I’ve gone a lot of school. You know right where I hear. In defense: I was sent from school twice. Do I still save something?


If you’re more intelligent than average, you’ll also get faster because of what’s wrong with the school system or the teacher, why it’s boring and you can have a lot of chemistry lessons wondering what you actually do here in God’s name and why you can’t get your potential for something better are betting. It feels like waste, especially because you know you could have done everything much shorter at home.


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