Fashion brands and racism: do they have a blind spot or is it hysteria?

In my opinion, the fashion houses are very express.This hysteria creates news and you get brand awareness. And your name is your money.

Oh, you think that black fellow men are exaggerating with their indignation about racism and discrimination?

Well, then you are a ‘ white ‘ and seeing blind.Because on the catwalks are black models in the minority. But please allow me: African or Afro-American customers of the fashion industry are also in the minority. Ssssst….

Anti-racists are leaving no opportunity today to shout out their indignation.If Black Piet is black, if an African man in an album of Suske and Wiske has thick lips…

But now the fashion industry is head of jut.Look at it and Sidder!

Gucci sweater with balaclava, ‘ decorated ‘ with a big red mouth.Gucci had to pass through the dust and the dredging and extracted the creation from the trade. Rightly according to me, but not because of racist, just because in my eyes bad taste.

Same scenario for Prada, where keychains in the form of tribal black males cared for an African colçŒĞre.Never heard protest against Puk Puk, the mascot of Walter Van Beirendonck with his bare dick. Oh, but that was not black, but blue and even Open VLD did not complain.

Pop star Katy Perry also had to hang like Barbertje.Her crime against humanity? She had designed mules with a kind of black African mask. A similar little mule with a ‘ blank ‘ face lusted neither reaction nor riot. Incidentally, both versions had blue eyes.

Later, fashion designers will not be allowed to use their favorite ‘ colour ‘.Because that is black anyway?

It is hysteria.

Fashion is hysteria.

Why buy fashion If you can also buy quality? So you can buy a Gucci plastic bag for 250 euros, instead of a nice bag of supple leather for 40 euros. Of course you then choose Gucci.

Why is fashion not racism?Fashion mainly focuses on the lower classes. Arms can stand out from the very arms with expensive fashion clothes. The well-known Adidas suit as a good example. Nothing to eat at home to have nice clothes on my body.

Arms are of all breeds and colors.They are the target group of the fashion industry. Also religion, political preference or sexual orientation does not play any role.

Ad technically you can take provocative positions to better market your brand, but that has nothing to do with the viewpoints, but with brand awareness.

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