During the carnival in France everyone is dressed at best, they dance, drink and eat all weekend. But here in the Netherlands I only see attractions and nothing else. Why is that?

This was done earlier in the villages in Belgium.After the fasting and after harvest time, it was a tradition to meet the family for a festive meal and visit the Foor (fairground) that was on the market square around that time. With the debasement, biblical holidays are less the life of the people and you see the fairs popping up at any time of the year. Kermissen are now pure entertainment. I lived in the Netherlands in the city (Maastricht) and in my time there was no longer a clear link between the fairground and ecclesiastical or family celebrations.

Also in Belgium you see in many villages that old fairground tradition.The village in which I grew up is another example of this: on the first Sunday of September there will be a week of fairground. People go to the pub on Sunday evening, but save themselves for Funfair Monday. They all take free of their work, some cases close even during the busiest days.

It starts on Monday morning, then almost everyone first goes to church at nine o’clock.For most, that is also the only day a year that they go to church. Of course all in their best clothes. After the church, one flock to the graveyard to greet deceased loved ones. And here ends immediately the posh part, because then one crosses the street and begins to drink firmly in the first pub. Paying is not always necessary, because the operators cannot possibly keep track of who ordered and do not bother. It’s literally continuous sucking. After less than an hour you start to see the first people getting drunk. It is also no different with caf茅 bosses who say to you: drink once, here are two more pints for you and we have glass shortage.

By noon, free sandwiches with a hearty piece of meat are provided free of charge, so everyone with a renewed strength can go to the next caf茅.Because the people of the first caf茅 close the doors to celebrate with the competition.

The police know the situation and place a few hundred meters of warning signs with: Slow driving please, people on the street.Those people on the street are the Drunkelingen who together form the famous train and singing with the ambiance music to the back in the caf茅 Waddle, there take the exit and then indefinitely with hands on the shoulders of the predecessor, the street Taking. This after some incidents no longer under loud protest from line bus drivers who want to get their passengers on time at their destination.

Totally irresponsible you would say, I have experienced it several times and it is totally irresponsible.You always have to go a step too far and start urinating against the buses, because they have not forgotten that drivers used to call the police invariably because they could not drive anymore. Now they wait patiently. And the police who will keep an eye out from an hour or three only calls to keep up with that.

But outside of that I have never known of fights or other incidents.

Since there are only two pubs, there always ends up quite early in the evening the fairground for that day, because the walking tour of sometimes up to two kilometers (no one lives at more than two kilometers from the caf茅), is for a lot of them a long agony that does not Z Take more than an hour with traps and broken new clothes as a result.

For the rest of the week, everyone will still have their own day to speak with others.But funfair Monday is a holy day when everyone is going to leave their firm. This is why most of us are still free on Tuesday.

But honestly, you see that this tradition is also starting to weaken sharply because current generations of twenties are no longer very interested.And initiations do not know what they are seeing and do not want to integrate so far.

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