Donald Trump has announced the import rate on Mexican products by 5% to a maximum of 25% to increase due to the growing illegal migration. Is This a smart move?

It’s a whole stupid move.He probably thinks that it will force him to say that Mexico is going to pay for the wall, but the reality is that the American citizen will do so.

For them, the price on the products goes up.

But I’ve never seen any reasons to accuse Trump of something intelligents… So a ‘ clever ‘ move is also the last thing I would expect from him.

Yes, because these rates increase revenues for the government.This is not possible with taxes, which the Americans are always voting against. And Trump can’t but keep borrowing, the funding deficit should be down!

I also expect to import from Europe rates.Those have already been announced for after ‘ the deal ‘ with China. But such a deal does not come, even though because the rates are so lucrative. Historically so crazy yet:

These import tariffs are not as a result of the growing illegal migration in itself.

They have been introduced as a punishment for Mexico (that is the official story) because the country itself does nothing to stop the migrants coming from outside Mexico.

Apparently Mexico has snapped it and they are going to better guard their own southern border.

Ean idiot can’t put smart.

Sure not.

Immigration is mainly caused by economic poverty.

This is increasing as it undermines the economies of the affected countries.

Meanwhile, it also undermines the richness of America itself.So the cake shrinks further. Crime, discrimination and other negative side effects.

Since both sides of the equation lose, the relative difference and thus the pressure he tries to address remain.

Yes, this issue is becoming a priority.

Questions about the policy of Donald Trump are actually questions for psychologists and psychiatrists, so I do not feel called to give an answer here.

This is a joke???I cannot see this as a serious question.

I am one of the millions this will pay this.Like China’s import rates! The man has no idea of international action.

My car becomes more expensive, not that of a Mexican or a Chinese.My house is more expensive, not a house built in China or Mexico…

We make the products of Mexican products more expensive.The competitive position of companies will decline, people in Mexico will lose their jobs and therefore fewer people will want a better life than a unemployed one in Mexico. So the illegal migration will then decline.

It may be that I don’t get my lessons economy right… But this is not how it works according to me.I just don’t see how this is a smart move if you only look at the growing illegal immigration from Mexico.

If someone can explain to me the logic…

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