Does the dimension of time arise from the space expansion of the universe?

No, IN NO FALL!!!!

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Why is the universe expanding furtherand further “
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Doesn’t the Big Bang need singularity?

WHEN IS WHAT, WHERE is moving.

This sentence determines all basic physical considerations.Wherethe the proposition is the basic conditions of being or of time.

Time must therefore have existed, it is, so to speak, the restlessness, the basic condition of THE BECOMING and the SEIN.For whatever it was, it somehow arose from the indeterministic chaos of all dimensions and their possibilities. And also viewed from there, the fundamental commonality to the present state of our existence is the constant change to a different state what we also call TIME, and I need that for the definition of WHEN.

And also the dimensions, must have already existed, otherwise the question arises, “What should change?”.We understand this as the medium of events and that would actually be the NOTHING if it were distributed absolutely evenly, so any possible point would be NULL. But no, how is a change to differ and how does an even distribution explain itself even in the indeterministic chaos? So the completely random distribution of the medium of relationships would be the characteristic difference that is needed so that time can work by constantly changing these random relationships of spatial markings. So that’s what we call space and I need three dimensions for the definition of WHERE, whereily I need a different dimension of space for the definition of WHAT.

But Einstein’s considerations also define the WHEN as WHAT.But this is an understandable misinterpretation, because so the WAS cannot exist presently, because the WAS thus defined is then only a product of our mind, i.e. not available in real time to work in the present.So the 4th dimension is not defined as time in my descriptions, but this is the direction -inside and outside- in which the three WOdimensions curve to determine the WAS as an amplitude.And any curvature ends up as a circle. So the room ultimately follows only a circular function.

All scientific findings suggest that absolutely everything ultimately follows a circular function.Why would expansion want to contradict this? Therefore, the universe is unlikely to expand indefinitely, but will reach a point where the circular function changes its signs when it reaches the point of the speed of light. This is supported by the Nobel Prize in Physics 2011 and is described in my blog under “My Universe”.

You can see the expansion in the vertical flow of the animation.

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