Does the Bundeswehr have innovative weapons systems compared to the Russian army?

Unfortunately, the Bundeswehr has fallen behind too many armies in terms of the actual development and production of various weapons systems.In many faellen, the Federal Government or the Federal Ministry of Defence have refrained from developing their own development and producing promising projecte and have not started to produce them at all, in favour of American, British or Community projecte.

Some Bundeswehr would be of auslade influence or even sabotage speakers.Not infrequently, this is also seen as a clear indication for the Bundeswehr as a vassal army of the USA and a squealing souveraenitaet of the FrG.

In many blands, there is a spasm of attempts to keep Schmitt with American, French and Russian developments.

For example, Eurofighter Thypoon and IRIS-T rocket.

The Eurofighter is the faded and heavily slimmed-down version of the Jaeger 90. Diesel, on the other hand, was intended as a response to Mig-29 and Su-27.

The project started as (1979/1980).It was intended multinationally, although for example MBB had a self-sty-redesigned German variant TKF-90.

Because there was no agreement, France got out and developed the Dassault Rafale.

The first flight was completed on 4 July 1986 and on 19 May 1991 the first prototype close to series production began test flight operations.

The first flight of the Eurofighter was 8 years later in 1994.

The development of the IRIS-T rocket is also classic as a catch-up.

In Wikipedia, for example, quote:

In the course of the reunification, the Federal Republic came into the possession of the MiG-29A of the air forces of the National People’s Army, together with flight cranes of type R-73.It turned out that the R-73 was much more powerful than previously thought in the West. Its then western counterpart, the AIM-9L/M, was far superior in all parameters. Particularly striking were the large range and man-of-range range as well as the ability to reach targets up to 45掳 off the flight axis. off-boresight) to record and fight.

So that was the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s.

Quote wikipedia :”In December 2005, the Luftwaffe took the first series flight crew at Rostock-Laage Airport, and on 12 June 2007 a JAS-39 fired an IRIS-T for the first time in the Vidsel Range.

This is when the Sovjet army delivered the R-73 the missile to its air force in 1985, European armies including the Bundeswehr received the answer 20 years later.

In the meantime, r-73 and R-74 rockets are available with siluetten target (optically not infrared or radar) and stealth optimized variants.

The German industry would certainly be able to produce innovative weapons systems if only they were to be left behind.

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