Shadowmere is not following you. It stands there waiting to be ridden unless there are nuisance animals nearby, at which point he/she will attack. He/she is not a dog that can be told to follow you or go home. Shadowmere, wait at the start of each stage/fast travel point.

How can I stop Shadowmere from following me?

The only way to kill Shadowmere is to deal enough damage on him, causing him to lose all of his health in a single hit. If your skills with a bow are good enough, you don’t even have to shoot Shadowmere.

Does Shadowmere count as a follower in a similar way? Many Thanks. Horses do not count as followers. You must have had a follower that didn’t die but is standing around somewhere you told it to wait or suffered on a wall or something.

In that regard, you may Keep Shadowmere?

If you have Frost, the horse from the quest Promises to Keep, Shadowmere may not appear and fast travel back to the Black-Briar Lodge stables or Riften has no effect. Shadowmere will reappear at the end of To Kill an Empire at the Pool of Sanctuary upon your return from Solitude.

Where does Shadowmere go if I ride another horse?

If they don’t does appear, check the small lake in front of the Falkreath Sanctuary. If not, try to buy another horse and kill it. Shadowmere should then become your default horse and may “respawn” if you fast travel.

Can Shadowmere die permanently in Skyrim?

Unlike his previous incarnation, Shadowmere can be killed by long falls or be killed in battle. However, Shadowmere will reappear at the scene of death about ten days later. Shadowmere will not respawn in this location if killed in a body of water. In this case, he will respawn in the pool outside of Falkreath Sanctum.

Can Shadowmere stay in a stable?

Some of you may already know, but for those who don’t know, I found an easy way to “stabilize” Shadowmere if you don’t want him around all the time. NOTE: This trick requires you to know Summon Arvak summoning spell. Shadowmere should stay right where you parked him until you are ready to ride him again.

What happens if you kill Cicero before joining the Dark Brotherhood?

Before The Cure for Madness Cicero is unkillable since he was designated as an Essential NPC. No, he is essential at this point and cannot be killed.

Is Arvak better than Shadowmere?

Well, just wondering which horse others think is better. Shadowmere or Arvak. I personally like Arvak more since you can summon him wherever you want, but Shadowmere is stronger in combat.

Where do you hide Anton’s corpse?

Kill Balagog gro-Nolob in the basement of the Nightgate Inn and get the pass from his body. Bonus Objective: Drag his body to a hiding spot – maybe a dark corner surrounded by hay and barrels. To drag his body, hold the button while moving.

Where did Shadowmere go?

Shadowmere should be within range of Detect Life or Aura Whisper. If not, Shadowmere may have returned to where you first got it: the pond in front of the entrance to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctum in Falkreath Hold (near Falkreath, the town).

What is the best horse in Skyrim?

Skyrim’s Fastest Horse – How to find the Dawnguard Arvak Horse: The Arvak Horse is a summonable spectral pony that is the fastest mount in Skyrim.

Can you name your horse for you in Skyrim?

Being available to be deployed almost anywhere in the outside world of Skyrim where you travel. I apologize for the disappointment, but there is no in-game feature that allows you to summon your horse. Every Skyrim player and their brother have these DLCs.

What happens if I destroy the Dark Brotherhood?

Specifically, destroying the Brotherhood means you will never have access to Shadowmere, the Summon the power of the Spectral Assassins, the indispensable initiates of the Dark Brotherhood, or the master trainers in alchemy and light armor, in addition to Cicero’s offer to be a follower.

Is Shadowmere a boy or a girl?

Tradition: Shadowmere. Shadowmere is a mysterious undead black horse associated with the Dark Brotherhood. The sex of the horse is undetermined; it is inconsistently referred to as both male and female. It has glowing red eyes.

Can you get Shadowmere back if he dies?

If you didn’t choose to keep Frost, then wait a month, in game time, and Shadowmere will respawn wherever he died.

Should I kill Cicero?

2 answers. He has 500 gold with him and his gear. Since you can steal him from the bag in the Dawnstar Sanctuary and get higher quality gear, killing him really isn’t lucrative. If you complete the Dark Brotherhood quest line and Cicerio is still alive at the time, he will indeed become a follower.

Does Shadowmere travel fast?

It doesn’t. It doesn’t matter if you leave Shadowmere at the Dawnstar Sanctuary (or a bandit hideout or in the middle of a bear-wild wilderness or a place known for the presence of dragons) and then travel to Markarth or Solitude or even Solstheim. Nobody will steal it. Nothing will kill it. And it will follow you.

Can you get Miraak as a follower?

Miraak Follower is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is an alternate ending to The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn that uses the Bend Will scream to turn Miraak into a follower. However, this will anger Hermaeus Mora, who will send waves of his minions to punish the two rebellious Dragonborn.

How do I get Shadowmere?

Report to Astrid.. Go back to Astrid and tell her what you found in Cicero’s room. She will tell you that you must go to the Dawnstar Sanctuary to find and kill Cicero. To support you on your journey, she will lend you her horse, Shadowmere. Exit the Dark Brotherhood Sanctum and outside you will find the dark steed.

Do I lose Shadowmere if I summon Arvak?

Shadowmere disappears forever if you summon/ride Arvak, and it’s impossible to get them back.

Can you get Shadowmere without joining the Dark Brotherhood?

The simple answer to your question, without cheats, is no. The game is written specifically to give you Shadowmere once you complete the Dark Brotherhood quest related to the horse.