Does philosophy have a future?

Oh well, it depends on what you know beneath it.In its simplest sense, a philosopher is someone who loves wisdom. And then you could see philosophy as the quest for wisdom. And so the question arises as to whether that quest is also a viable activity in the future. I think so. The appreciation for wisdom has never been completely gone, even though there were times when the accent was different than now, for example more in memory. But wisdom is also for the one who is looking for a desirable goal with the beautiful property that you can always push the goal back a bit. There is always more wisdom to be amdoned in a lifetime. More comprehension, clearer priorities, a finer balance between acting and not acting, between listening and talking, between Freelet and lead.

Another definition of philosophy is that it seeks the answer to the core three ‘ problems ‘: The Problem of life (how do I lead a vevullend, a good Life), the problem of driving (what does a just and safe society look like, in which People come to their right) and the problem of knowledge (what can I know, how can I know, and how do I know if and how true that is).These are also questions that will always remain topical, because changing circumstances require other answers.

And finally, there is philosophy as a study direction.It looks at and examines how people in the past looked at all sorts of problems and how thinking works or should work. It deals with ideas and theories that often do not have a close relationship with what people in general find important. And as far as it is, there is not much appreciation or need in this time-joint. Philosophy yields no profit and for very few bread on the shelf. However, it can be a basis for a number of professions, such as journalist or writer, researcher and policy officer. Also in politics you will find a single philosopher and philosophy has value for other branches of science, such as around ethics and medicine and law.

Those who are among the top five percent in their studies also still have a chance of being appointed to a university.I do not know whether there is any philosophy at colleges. But most colleges today also call themselves University and I can best imagine that there are ethical aspects to agriculture, for example, that are asking for a philosophical approach. I truly believe that such a fast-paced boys ‘ school as Nijenrode may also call itself University. I do not think there is much interest in the quest for wisdom. Did Trump not also have such a kind of school set up? Trump University? Also, not really anyone who is at risk of getting lost on his quest for wisdom.

There are questions for which you cannot define a fixed grid to answer them, such as this question, for example.

As long as the answer is Yes, philosophy has a future.

As long as you can ask that question: yes.

Now the question is, why could you ask that question in the future and have philosophy with time to make?

Philosophy is a bit like ‘ Total Eclypse of the Heart ‘.It is timeless through its context.

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