Does personality play a role in the emergence and severity of aggressiveness in dementing elderly people?

A tricky question, anyway.Prearranged, more than 95% of the dementing is not aggressive. Remains about the question: why those others do. I keep it on three things.

  1. Aggression has always been part of the person.

Because of the dementia, the inhibitions are no longer under control. Also the sexual impulses are sometimes no longer controllable.

  • Many patients are anxious.
  • The aggression may arise from fear.

  • Dementia is a form of personality change.
  • Traits that have never been present are now evolving.

    Misknow dementia does not.Branting is an atrocious and very frightening process.

    I am not a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist.I do have this expertise in my circle of friends. What I know about the terrible illness, dementia is of course an echo of ‘ the real connoisseurs ‘. But good.

    • There are many variants, with everyone working differently.

    You will really have to grab the case yourself. Generals are useful as an exploration of the terrain, but leave it aside.

  • People may change due to such a creeping disease.
  • Resistor, do not accept, reactions from the environment, everything influences the process.

  • Sometimes it comes quickly, like a galloling horse, and sometimes it comes as a slow sweaty snail.
  • No level to raise.

  • Learn to recognize the symptoms of the person in your environment that affects it.
  • Then you can best support it. Keeping a look, not imposing anything, simply being there is often enough.

  • Sometimes it helps when your music turns out of their youth.
  • Just soft in the background. Look at the person himself and then you see if it has effect. Don’t try all the old music if the first song doesn’t work, that works counterproductive. Just casual, it works or it doesn’t work.

  • Nothing to insist is the magic word here.
  • This is what I have received from my conversations.


    The dementia itself is of course due to neurological factors, such as decreased vascularization of the brain (and loss of brain tissue) or chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.In novice dementia, the patient realizes that everything starts to run skewed. This is very frightening, and one responds with evasive/dismissive behaviour. Or with aggression. Often both. It is there that the character plays a role. But personality also changes as brain function builds off.

    My mother died of Alzheimer’s.A dull misery.

    My personal experiences and what I also hear from many others it happens very often that someone who was always the goodness itself was once Gaga aggressively this I have experienced in a few uncles and an aunt of me, the other way around also happens, me grandfather of fathers Kant was a nasty tyrannical man once Gaga it was the sweetest friendliest man you could imagine.

    At some point they all get angry quickly this is because they feel out of the way and no longer can what they used to be and knew, this phase usually goes by if the disease worsens, and can then go on all sides.

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