Does love come from our minds?

According to the most recent vision: from our hormones.Love is a ‘ lust’-controlled process.

‘ Spirit ‘ is a rather confusing term.
There is no evidence that spirits would exist (or souls).

Love is a group of feelings and mental states that you can find in humans, and presumably also in a number of animals.

Love emerges clearly from our brain activity, and has evolved evolutionarily for the sake of reproduction.Love is a key start for couple-forming (minting in people), and is a very powerful signal that affects your acting and thinking seriously.

This strikes me as a slightly better video than the one given by the questioner:

Helen Fisher studies the loving brain.

The existence of the spirit has never been proven by anyone.It is therefore unlikely that love comes from there.

We must first define spirit here.This can be explained by theological philosophy.

BODY = The material (from dust you are, to dust once you return)

Soul = a metaphysical consciousness related to your personal relationship with the earthly world

Spirit = a metaphysical consciousness with your personal relationship to God

Love, starting points and combinations

  • Physical love also called lust or infatuation is driven by senses and chemical reactions in the body and people can also exist in a love affair.
  • Love that brings together two souls is the conscious or unconscious urge to reproduce itself that combines with the physical.

The more soulkinship and physical attraction the stronger the love.

  • Spirit has as a starting point divine Love in which physical aspects do not play a role or are marginally subordinate at most.
  • Soulkinship plays the leading role in combination with God’s moral aspects. Here we sometimes refer to pure love.

    So we can conclude that love can come from our spiritual consciousness, but also from soulkinship or physical or combinations of it.

    I would not know where it should come from otherwise.It is in any case not physically; Then it is not love.

    When it comes to romantic love: I am repeatedly overwhelmed by love for a woman who did not physically attack me, but with which I had a click where she still has it at the Department of Seismology of the KNMI.

    I will go a step further: love can induce lust that would not have been without that love.I experienced that myself (and I was ashamed of it, but thank goodness it was seriously appreciated).

    I am naturally optimistic about the ability of man to love, from himself.

    True love?So you have energy for two? A feeling that you can no longer do without that other day in day out? Alien. Given by God.

    Nah, it’s usually lust.Lol.

    Think so?

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