Does jealousy in relationships always arise through your own uncertainty/emotional wounds?

Functional jealousy

Jealousy resembles anger, it is likely that you feel disadvantaged compared to another.It is a trigger to reflection to be thankful for what and who we have and not to compare ourselves too much with others. Every now and then we are doing too much and jealousy is a signal in that.

Jealousy can also arise when reasonable expectations and appointments that have been agreed are not met.Like anger and sadness, it has a signal function. It is not in itself bad or good, but a way we communicate with ourselves.

Jealousy is addressed by determining the extent to which the agreements have been fulfilled and the polite expectations were realistic and reasonable.It is a trigger that moves us to evaluate our relational position. A classic example is a romantic relationship.

Among the lovers can be both pronounced and secret expectations, and both communicated and unwritten appointments and rules.The reasonableness of this depends on the context, for example cultural background, personality and the interaction between the lovers.

In Communication, each partner will have to adopt his new position, which will also include misunderstandings, expectations and appointments.This can give recovery in confidence, lead to a breach or a new agreed definition of the relationship.

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I have no idea why people are jealous.

If my friend agrees with another, I hope he likes it. I do not want him to leave me in the lurch. When another friend once was, I was not happy with it, but I hoped he would be happy in his new relationship.

Jealousy is a normal emotion without any further past.

The emotional debris caused by jealousy,

is simply a lack of self-reflection and emotional growth.

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