Does it make sense to love someone who doesn’t really care?

I think there is another question that we have to ask ourselves, that is, each of us in our lives.

Is it more important for ME to love or be loved?

So let’s start.

Being loved is something beautiful, at least it can be if you love this person, otherwise it is by nature, in a way “no matter”, by which it means that it does not really affect you, if you do not feel pity for this Person.
After all, it is the feelings of those, not your own.

It can be horrible for someone to love someone without getting that love back, at least many think.
I think it’s wrong.

Feeling love is what makes us human beings alive, it breathes something into us that nothing else can do, love can do so much with us and although we always feel it for another person, it is in our hearts, it fills us with a feeling.

In a film I mean it was “may I ask?” a woman said to a man, (meaning ) “not every person in this world finds his great love”.
It means to me that many people live with us on this planet and they eventually leave this world without perhaps finding this one love that stops one’s breath and wobbles the legs.
The one you think you’re in a Hollywood movie and an actor comes round the corner and laughs away.

Not every person in the world is just lucky to feel what it’s like when you feel like the world is holding your breath for a moment and I think that’s a shame.
But it’s not because people don’t bother, it’s easy because the person who should actually make their heart dance doesn’t live in their country and so no one knows anything about the other.
Love is something you can’t learn, at least not the real, the great, that everyone always talks about.
You can’t bother for it and it doesn’t need any work to come into, so you can’t just turn it off, it lives and burns in you when you find it, until it eventually falls silent in a small flame, until it just glows and ends. I’m extinguished.

What I mean by that is, you really can’t ask if it makes sense or not.Love doesn’t make sense, our life doesn’t even make sense because it’s over at some point, but it’s beautiful and there are so many things to discover and experience, they make sense because it feels good.
So it is also with the love to love someone can be a wonderful feeling, it hurts when it is not reciprocated, but just having the feeling is a gift that not many get and you should enjoy it, even if it is not reciprocated.
It makes you alive and it makes you a person who has feelings and a lot of them.

So yes, it makes sense to love a person, even if it is not reciprocated, because it can be a beautiful feeling, because it gives you the ability to walk on clouds and dream, it’s like another world and you should enjoy that too.

At some point, this feeling will be silenced, or replaced by another love created by work and patience, because it also comes from the other side.
This is then another love, a very beautiful one, but perhaps with a little less fire and passion, but deeper and less easy to shake.