Does China change the world trade for the best with the new Silk Road? What can we expect when poorer countries join?

There is a lot of ill-conceived state aid behind.Whether China changes world trade with this? Yes. Many developing countries are awaiting a huge bubble that is ever going to burst.

It is neither in China’s own interest.What is more behind is the accumulation of power and the jacking of ego of politicians.

As the philosopher Weber said, power is an illusion.

Yes, but what they do is not right at all.It comes without VAT. As a consumer, I do not mind hearing but business, as a European company, you are seriously at a disadvantage.

And returning your expensive items is almost impossible with these shipping costs.That should not be because that is a double disadvantage. There is also a rich class behind a screened Internet. I’ll get around it. They have a fine national delivery system there.

China is engaged in its own interests.By investing in the infrastructure in poor African and Asian countries, these countries are tied to China by debt with hands and feet. They will be able to pay off their debt through the supply of raw materials. Furthermore, China would like to have better access to Western markets.

There are currently more and more favour measures for companies wishing to settle in China.As wage and other costs are ridiculously low, I think a lot of companies will consider this move. This is detrimental to our economy and advantageous for an economy that is already growing so strongly.

Now still the emphasis is on the Chinese economy on coal and steel.This is also changing.

Very interesting the question what if other poor countries do join.Imagine that China is an economic union with India. That must be counted about half of the world’s population. What all the consequences are, I believe, is impossible to predict.

Moreover, I am amazed at how easy it is already to buy products in China.When I heard of acquaintances that they occasionally order something in China that is often up to ten times cheaper than here, I was amazed and curious. Especially because they never encounter problems with regard to import duties. I just wanted to test that.

I ordered three rings that cost twenty times more in another webshop.I got three separate parcels (one deserves especially on the shipping costs) delivered neatly at home. Afterwards I ordered a hat for two euros which cost 22 euros in a webshop. Delivered neatly at home to five euro shipping costs.

When I tell about it, I am amazed at how many people have been doing this for a long time and always get away with it.Especially because it is so damaging to our businesses and economy.

This is just an example of the powerlessness of our governments who need to make more and more effort to keep companies here.

I do not know what the changes will be, but that they are coming, is fixed.

More money in the world economy!

I find it a little inauspicious what China is doing. They have a pot-dense market and a nightmarish dictatorship with penal camps.There is no reciprocity, no mutual openness. As long as transparency is lacking, there is no blessing here. But it goes on, almost every country swips like the other pockets with money brings.