Do you want to go to a program called ‘ bootcamp ‘ where you will learn: ‘ Everything you need to have a successful career as a developer ‘?

This is what I think of your expectations.

If you don’t have any programming experience yet and you have no idea how and with which to start, this may help you on your way.Although I think there are plenty of free online opportunities to help you with this. I think you can get enough tips here on Quora too.

If you expect that after such a course you know everything you need and just start writing software and don’t have to learn anything more, it will be even more nasty.The world of software development changed continuously and also ever faster. No course will ever be enough, the knowledge you need always depends on the context. With a bit of luck, you’ll also work at an organization where you give the opportunity to continue learning.

If you don’t yet know if you are developing really like it I would first figure that out for yourself.There are plenty of free online tools, tutorials and initiatives to form an image such as:

If you would get away with information about how programming is actually compared to how many people think it is and you get a roadmap from the steps you need to take to be able to program it is already useful.

Many people don’t know where to start and how you can get help.It’s fine to get frustrated, because experienced programmers often still have it if they don’t get something working. The multiple experiencing of a moment when you strongly think of giving up is also normal.

A nice video about this:

Is a great core of truth.

That code bootcamps promote mediocrity as is suggested in another answer is nonsense.E脙 漏 N of my most talented junior developer Collega s has done a well-known bootcamp and experienced it as heavy and intense. For the sake of clarity: this is a person in a market-leading company, that codeguru s in the box with decades of experience amazed at its speed and skill. A bootcamp can be a nice grip that takes away a lot of choice stress if you are overloaded in the beginning by all the languages, frameworks and options to choose from. I am self-taught and I have not done a bootcamp. But pretty much all boat campers I know see it as an enriching experience, and all of them have a job:)

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