Do you think women get the same opportunities as men in life?

When parsing this question I am doing the following assumptions (I often have to do assumptions otherwise my replies are way too long)

  1. The question is about opportunities that an individual gets in life
  2. The question does not indicate a region, as such it is about opportunities that women get in the world compared to opportunities that men get in life
  3. You find-This is a question about my opinion, my answer will therefore include my opinion and experiences.

Anyone who does not agree with this has a different opinion and is entitled to do so, just as I retain the right to change my opinion.

I have visited a large number of countries in my life and unfortunately have seen in my experience that women do NOT get the same opportunities as men in life.

For example, during my work in India, I have to say that women are tolerated a lot until they get married and have children.You may study, work, but if you marry (and there you often have no choices in since marriages are still arranged) then you have to give up. A bit like we had this until 1957 in the Netherlands. (Act Competence-Wikipedia).

Often you come out on the right of women to vote, if you are going to look for equality.And in many countries this has been settled in the meantime. A good step towards equality, because as a woman you may choose someone who is more up to your rights.

However, getting equal opportunities is not in favour, even in commercial capacity.These are, in my view, preconditions, but chances are getting much more in education and social and cultural views on women.

It is m often in small things ignored by women and men.As word use and characterization, 鈧?艙be No mietje 鈧? 鈧?艙you behave like a wijf 鈧? 鈧?艙he rides like a woman 鈧? 鈧?艙you hit like a girl 鈧? 鈧?娄 but even simple categorization. As an example:

Google search on 鈧?艙girls Toy 鈧?/p>

As long as we treat boys and girls differently in the education of our children, you will continue to see differences in the way we look at boys and girls.

By definition , this is a difference in opportunities between boys and girls.

We may love our sons and daughters as much, but we still say 鈧?艙it’s a young 鈧?and thus we tolerate other things from boys than from girls.

I therefore bother people who say that feminism is no longer necessary, because women can already vote, or women already have equal rights as men?

Why still more women than men stay at home when a child is born?Do not say now 鈧?艙this… pregnancy raf 鈧? for that is not a right, that is right now an inequality, for the child…

Women’s chances are not the same as those of men in the world.As a transgender woman and mother of a daughter, I see that very clearly also in the Netherlands.

Yes and No.

The question is actually impossible to answer.The whole is dependent on education, descent, own character development, social and cultural institution and zeitgeist.

Also there is a difference in 鈧?虄in Life and 鈧?虄in the company or 鈧?虄in the Social life or 鈧?虄biologically seen or 鈧?虄at School etc.

Because of the way religion has made a mark on ignorance in many cultures, women in general have been denied equality for centuries as not thousands of years.Even in the current Netherlands, where we boast solidarity and equality, the differences are still great. Simple because man is no different than an animal with a thin veneer civilization. Men want equality, as long as they keep appearing better. Men find that women are equal, but that it is unfair to give them the same amount of money for work, if they put their careers for children on hold. All petty arguments to rationalize joked feelings of childish egocentrists. And yes, I am a man. I am often ashamed of this. Men have often devised the dumbest things that society is still controlling: religion, capitalism, communism, marriages, victimshaming (though that’s a dubious, women also seem to use this sometimes to make other women black) etc. All the attitudes against equality are permeated. Marriage against equality? Yes, the marriage was to be sure that the man would have offspring (therefore you see in none of the religious histories marriages of 1 woman with several men, the other way round), or to the woman to 鈧?虄protecmen in her 鈧?虄zwakkere gestel.

Does the woman have the same opportunities in principle?Yes.

Will the woman in her life have the same chances?Sometimes, sometimes, it shows history.

Does the woman of others get the same opportunities?Dependent on the cultural zeitgeist and person and situation.

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