Do you think we can live on Mars in the future?

Nope We are just gonna stay here in the Earth

I think that in the near future it will be technically possible.Certainly for short periods to do research, for example, seems to me well possible.

Many things can better investigate robots.However, to find out how people react to the circumstances of Mars, people will have to go to Mars.

The plans of Elon Musk, to start a permanent Mars colony in the short term, do not seem very realistic.It will be quite possible to send people to Mars. But to keep them alive there is a lot of money.

To get permanent habitation on Mars, the costs will have to be far down, preferably people on Mars should even make money on it.There is still a lot to be sorted out. It will be able to do so for a very long time.

Whether people can withstand such a low gravity, will still have to turn out.Also other differences with Earth, such as radiation, air pressure and composition soil could be an insoluble problem. However, this does not seem to be the matter. In any case, there are ideas how to deal with this. They still need to be tested.

We are currently looking for opportunities to make fuel on Mars.It also experimented with growing food outside the Earth. Should this all succeed, a manned expedition will certainly come to Mars.

But even without it, in principle everything could be sent from Earth.It’s only very very expensive.

We don’t do much about it, in the short term.One of the reasons for habitation outside the earth is that if something is going awfully wrong, there are still people living elsewhere. But it will probably take hundreds of years before people can survive on Mars without the help of the Earth. Not really something the average taxpayer wants to draw his wallet for.

Other arguments, such as more living environment and commodities, are really interesting in the very distant future.For the time being, it is easier to make the Arctic circles and the oceans habitable, then go all the way to Mars.

In my opinion, we can only gain knowledge of Mars in the short term.

If mankind increases so much in number, that we have indeed started to use these areas, then the picture becomes very different.With so many people we will probably also need raw materials from outside the planet.

Even if the number of people stabilizes, energy consumption will probably continue to increase.Even then, raw materials will eventually have to be used outside the Earth.

Mars is very obvious.So I think that in a distant future it will come from it. People are very inventive and will be able to cope with any problems.

Unfortunately we will not be experiencing that anymore.But we may actually be living in a more interesting time now. We are about to discover what all can do.

I am very sure of that.The question is just: when.

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