Do you think that today’s society is better than that of classical antiquity?

It depends entirely on what aspect this ‘ better ‘ focuses on.If the BV is going to clean air, clean water ed was classical antiquity better. When it comes to medical care not. So you say it.

Inner Antiquity existed large parts of the society from slaves.You will only belong. Incidentally, slaves were not able to recognize their skin colour as in the newer days. Oh yes, not to mention, there were no punishments for civilians. You just got banned for a number of years or forever. For slaves there was the cross.

That’s a comparison you can’t make.
Almost all factors are different.

The antiquity knew to start far fewer people.There were just a lot less. There was also no pollution, and the world was smaller. 99% of all people did not know what happened 10 kilometers away.
However, people lived in slavery or in any case dependence on their lord and Master.One had no rights unless one was rich or of nobility, which was usually the same. There was hardly any protection from natural disasters because they did not know why they happened. These kinds of things were attributed to angry gods. Life expectancy was very low, certainly compared to our time. There was practically no medical care and if you were old and had no family you just went dead because no one cared for you.

Modern times offer many more certainties in that area.We know exactly what happens in a village in Chile because there is someone somewhere who puts it on-line. Everything is on-line. The world has never been so small and full. The world population will grow to 11 billion before it will turn into cautious shrinkage. Meanwhile, it is virtually impossible for the planet to produce enough food and raw materials to maintain all those people. A war on the other side of the world affects the quality of life. In Many Landen’s citizens have real rights that protect them from their government and fellow citizens. There you can also choose his own government. However, these elections are heavily influenced by factors that should not actually affect them. There is apparent equality, but in reality the rich still have it for saying. Virtually all nobility is gone, and replaced by the Supperrealms who now get away with everything they do, despite the laws that apply.
It is still believed in gods, but a part of the world’s population has chosen to give it a more self-styled expression.The interpretation leads either to passivity or to fanaticism. What again leads to new religious wars.
It is fought for freedom or for God, but ultimately everyone is deceived, because there is no real freedom, and God, if he already exists, does nothing to make it better.
The life expectancy in the developed countries is much higher, but by the one hand the individualism; On the other hand, the comercialization of care, we care very badly for our elderly, and kwines many of them away, waiting for some contact and care and affection.
At the same time, our far-away medical industry is also in a dairy cow, because investors have discovered that with a patent on an important drug, you can basically do with the price you want.Price increases of 1000% are no exception, and so people are kept alive for just long enough to be able to dispose of their money for the drugs they keep alive.

So you may be right to wonder which society is better. But as long as you don’t have a time machine, or a magic wand, this answer doesn’t matter at all.You live now, and classical antiquity is 3000 years ago.

Sure!Just think of the corporal punishment and the sanitary facilities.

Personally, I think it was actually much easier earlier than today’s society.

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