Do you think that nostalgic feelings can negatively affect your life? How?

I think nostalgic sentiment may have a negative impact on your life, if you linger too long in the past or look back too often you have little time to move forward.And that’s negative.

For example, if you keep looking in nostalgia, there is still a lack of existence, if you look forward, you are much earlier in the fun memories of that person to offer a place in your heart and mind and you have something to do with it in a positive way.

I have been writing for years, and once I had a Dutch blog which regularly wrote about walks along Memory lane.I had a coffin, somewhere in the Netherlands on the dike, and sometimes Ike Ven wanted to walk back along my life path to that coffin and mess around in it. Under the guise of: “Who knows what life lessons you still encounter?”

But I always noticed that it put me in a downward spiral, as if I was sucked into that virtual coffin and could come out with difficulty.One day I pushed that coffin off the dike into the water, and got away with lifted head, letting go of space and that space you can then fill with positive things instead of staying sipping about what was.

Nostalgia is looking back.There is nothing wrong with that. But if it hampers you to look ahead and accept the reality of today, it is a hindrance to your life.

By living in the past you do not live in the future.

And I get nostalgia though.I also like to look at old TV series and I love old songs. But want to seize back to an earlier period as for example some people in the GDR do. Or at least in Germany that they are going to live again in the GDR period seems to me to be a gigantic form of ostrich life. At this a new word.

Of course there is nothing wrong with nostalgic feelings.Looking back at that which was nice and fine you can give a nice warm feeling. As long as you have it every now and then but further just in a positive way through life there is nothing wrong at all.

I have often tended to stick to those nostalgic feelings.Especially when I’m not comfortable with my skin I keep hanging. Then such a nostalgic feeling often comes with “why can’t this be more?” and “Such beauty never returns.” I’ve been doing this for a long time to move around such moments and stay more in the present.

So it can have a negative impact if you allow it.

Nostalgia is necessarily not bad… But if you are overwhelmed by nostalgia then a large part of your energy is directed towards the past.This allows you to get interesting events, encounters etc… In the here and now are missing. Maybe too much of an nostalgia is a symptom of a psychological disorder.

Nostalgic feelings can have a negative impact because you might have the illusion that you were happier before now. And you run the danger that you are increasingly longing for the past.And you hope that in the future it will become better than ever more an abstract illusion. And then you soon become a pessimist in yourself who dares not to make any plans for the future and which largely shuns the contact with the outside world.

Nostalgia made me look further than my nose is long, but now I’m not in it anymore. I’ve been to ES nostalgic today and go walking in a city I haven’t been to for 4 years:p. Normal

In the case of a person with a pessimistic temperament, I think it can happen.In the case of a person with an optimistic temperament I do not think.

There is no question of the feelings but of the temperament.

Feel it once

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